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Matt Walsh: The left wants to turn your child into a sexual deviant. Don't let them.

Matt Walsh: The left wants to turn your child into a sexual deviant. Don't let them.

Teen Vogue, a publication designed for kids, published an article this week about the wonders of anal sex. I won't provide a link. You can look it up for yourself. But don't.

"A Guide to Anal Sex," goes the headline. "How to do it the RIGHT way." I confess that I didn't read the entire piece, but I can report that it is quite lengthy, and it goes into extremely specific detail. Whether you want to try sodomy with a girl or a boy, the article, written by a sad pervert named Gigi Engle, outlines the procedure and gives some helpful tips to get you going.

The writer prefaces this how-to session with something of a moral defense of sodomy. As is always the case when anyone on the left attempts to morally defend something, she comes off like a cliched middle schooler trying to convince her friends to smoke cigarettes. "Come on, everyone is doing it," she says, creepily. She points out that some people in the Greek and Roman empires had anal sex, which obviously means we should have anal sex, too. I guess we should resurrect the gladiator games while we're at it. And God forbid this scholar of history ever finds out what people in the Aztec empire used to do. One can only imagine what that Teen Vogue article will look like: "A Guide To Ripping The Heart Out Of A Human Sacrifice And Consuming His Flesh. How to do it the RIGHT way."

Now, let's leave aside the fact that there is no "right" or "healthy" way to engage in this kind of behavior, as the AIDS epidemic and basic human biology clearly attest. In fact, let's leave aside entirely the finer points of sodomy. That's not a conversation I feel particularly inclined to have at the moment, or at any other moment. Suffice it to say that we live in a culture where a mainstream publication does not hesitate to coach kids on how to have anal sex. It used to be that a predator had to groom children in secret, but now he (or she) can do it in the pages of a widely read magazine, or on TV, or in the movies, or through song, or in school. Especially in school.

A quick story in a similar vein: A frustrated parent wrote to me recently to complain that her daughter's 9th grade health teacher had recommended that her students masturbate to avoid teen pregnancy. Apparently this same health teacher has at various other points launched into soliloquies about abortion, sodomy (a common theme, as we've seen), and oral sex. Some of these sermons were part of the curriculum, some were not. The mother complained to the administration but it accomplished nothing. She went to the school board, but they didn't care. She spoke with the superintendent, but she was stonewalled. They all treated her like she was the crazy one. The dirty old lady encouraging children to fondle themselves was the innocent victim of an overbearing helicopter parent.

There was nothing surprising about the story. This kind of thing goes on in hundreds of schools across the country. They're even teaching kids about transvestites in kindergarten now. And there's nothing particularly surprising about Teen Vogue. Pretty much all magazines -- just like most shows, movies, etc -- these days are packed full of ugliness, debauchery, and stupidity. The stuff targeted at kids will tend to be the worst of all, because the Left wants nothing more than to turn your child into a sexual deviant. This is the primary goal of modern leftism. Nothing matters more to them than converting your child into the religion of self-indulgence. After all, it may be too late to mold you into a desperate, lonely, sex-obsessed freak, but your daughter? Well, she's ripe for the picking.

These predators generally have two justifications they trot out whenever anyone has the audacity to get mad at them for promoting deviancy and fetishism to kids. I heard both yesterday when I complained on Twitter about the sodomy edition of Teen Vogue:

(1) "Kids are going to be doing [whatever debauched activity -- anal sex in this case] anyway, so they may as well learn how to do it safely!"

(2) "It's none of your business! Go away and let us foist our disgusting, idiotic sexual views on your children!"

To the first point, I say only that it has never, until very recently, been taken for granted that kids will spend their free time performing hardcore sex acts. If we're appealing to history here ("the Romans did it!"), then I think it's valid for me to observe that no civilized society in history has considered it a given that children will sodomize each other. This ought to tell us that it's not a given, or it shouldn't be. We have made it a given by treating it as one.

Kids "do it anyway" because many of the adults in their lives are incompetent, unfit, morally bankrupt clowns who expect them to do it anyway. If that is your expectation, it will surely be met. But it need not be like this. It isn't natural. Kids have been trained to prostitute themselves to one another. They are only responding to their conditioning. Every prostitute has a pimp who made her that way. In this case, the pimps reside in the media, the government, the schools, and, oftentimes, the home.

To the second point, I say that it is precisely "my business" what these powerful cultural forces are telling my kids. The moment you open your mouth in public to promote whatever form of moral and physical self-destruction happens to get you off, you have made it my business. My kids have to exist in a culture where this garbage spews forth from practically every glowing screen and gaping mouth they come across -- so, yes, it very much concerns me.

If you use a magazine article, or a TV show, or a movie, or a song, or a classroom, to indoctrinate America's youth into your cult of whorishness, I am going to take it personally. My kids are part of that unfortunate group known as "the youth," which means you are directly trying to harm them. You aren't just victimizing "kids," generally, but my kids.

When you use your platform to announce, "Hey girls, anal sex is great," or "Hey students, try masturbating," I'm going to treat you and your message the same as I would if you were some toothless pedophile in a trench coat whispering it to them on the playground. I see little distinction between the two of you, except that you are trying to sexualize my children for ideological reasons and he for more personal ones. But you're both despicable, in any case, and your behavior is evil. You are nothing but a pimp trying to recruit another generation of kids into your ranks. And that is how I'll treat you.

I think all parents need to approach the situation like this. We ought to be defensive and protective of our children. You ought to see this stuff as a direct attack on your family, because that's what it is. These people want to make a pervert of your son and a sex doll of your daughter. You ought to take that personally. You ought to take it personally that Teen Vogue just tried to convince your daughter to let a boy sodomize her. That's about as personal as it gets.

The left only succeeds in its relentless efforts to corrupt our children because many parents, tasked by God with protecting their kids' souls, are not willing to do the job. They hear about the schools handing out condoms to 8th graders, or they see degrading filth on TV, or they see half naked homosexuals marching down the street in "pride" parades, trying to entice their kids into a life of sexual deviancy and spiritual desolation, and they're afraid it would be impolite to raise a fuss over it. They certainly wouldn't want to come off like some sort of Puritans, God forbid. So, while they're busy being polite and open minded, their kids are feasted upon by these vampires and destroyed. But, hey, that's alright. Better they let Satan's legions kidnap the souls of their sons and daughters than get a bit angry and say something untoward.

For my part, I trust that the Lord will forgive me for being even a little overzealous in my efforts to guard my children's hearts. If it's possible to be too angry about degenerates preying upon my kids, or to be too forceful in fighting against their efforts to turn my daughter and my sons into something as abominable as them, I must entrust myself to the mercy of our loving God and hope for the best. I certainly like my chances a lot more than I would if I were not zealous or angry or forceful at all, even as my kids are exploited, brainwashed, and dragged into Hell. Of course, parents in both categories will stand before the Throne one day. I just don't want to be in the second camp when that time comes.

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