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Next Steps for Congress: Uniting Behind Pro-Life Policies
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Next Steps for Congress: Uniting Behind Pro-Life Policies

The "war on women" lost big in the midterms, partly for pushing extreme abortion policies and those candidates who supported them. Here are three pro-life policies Congress should unite behind that most Americans will agree with.

These midterm elections, angry voters served the country with a clear message that the extreme liberal policies sweeping through the government must be stopped. The liberals lost big and perhaps even succumbed to their greatest weapon of recent past elections – the so-called “war on women.” Voters, and women in particular, were fed up with the ridiculous rhetoric (condom shortages anyone?) and support of extreme policies, especially on abortion. Wendy Davis, who was nicknamed the “Abortion Barbie” because the filibuster that made her famous was solely in support of abortions on babies past the age of viability, went down in flames in Texas, losing her election by 20 points.

Pro-life Americans certainly rejoiced at the outcome of the elections as they should. But where should the pro-life movement go from here as they have significant support for their positions at every level of government?

Instead of supporting any kind of divisive policies, like those who launched the various “war on women” campaigns, the pro-life movement should focus on issues that a healthy amount of all Americans support: supporting the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act, which bans abortion after 20 weeks gestation; putting in place legal restrictions that forbid taxpayer dollars paying for abortions, either through Obamacare or another entity; and defunding Planned Parenthood.

According to a Washington Post/ABC poll, 64 percent of Americans support prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks, compared with 28 percent who are opposed. And several polls show that Americans are opposed to using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions – a particular CNN survey shows 56% opposed to 39% in support of public funding for abortion.

Defunding the nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, shows a more even split. In 2011, The Hill did a survey that showed 42 percent in favor of cutting funding while 46 percent said it should be left alone. The poll had a margin of error of +/- three points. Planned Parenthood’s image of “women’s health” has taken a beating over the past several years as multiple undercover videos by Live Action show their employees willing to aid and abet sex traffickers and cover up the rape of young girls.

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson revealed evidence recently that her former employer has abortion quotas. And Cecile Richards was almost comically called out for outright deception when she said her organization does mammograms and therefore should not have their funding cut from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Planned Parenthood gets over $500 million a year in public funding.

These three areas are issues that not only pro-lifers agree on but many Americans. Why shouldn’t the new Congress start here and build support for these obvious unitive issues?

President Barack Obama is on the extreme idealistic end of all three of these goals. He fought tooth and nail for Planned Parenthood’s funding and almost shut down the government over it in 2011. He voted four different times against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act which would have protected babies born alive from botched abortions and forced doctors to save them. And he conned the last of the holdouts in his party to vote for Obamacare by signing a useless executive order saying that no taxpayer dollars would pay for abortions, which was a complete lie.

Voters elected the new Congress to stop President Obama in his tracks. Here is their chance to do something substantive to answer the voters.

Kristan Hawkins is President of Students for Life of America.

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