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Obama- the scariest socialist of them all


Liberals of course deny that President Obama is a Socialist. They laugh at that idea. They call it silly, comical, absurd, ridiculous. But they know that the word "Socialist" is toxic in American politics. So it's important for them to deny that Obama is a Socialist.

What bothers me is when conservatives go along with that argument. Virtually every conservative I know believes that Obama is a Socialist, but they're afraid to say it in the media- for fear it might sound "extreme" and make them look silly.

I have no such problem. The key is not to just call Obama a Socialist. You have to prove the label is true and accurate.

The reason many ultra-liberals and actual Socialists deny Obama is a Socialist is because he doesn't go far enough for them. To them, he is a moderate uniter, compromiser, and appeaser. Obama is simply too nice and too willing to compromise his principles to be a Socialist. But they miss the brilliant strategy. Obama is achieving what they never could. Obama understands how to play the game. He understands how to disguise his intentions and compromise to achieve incremental success. To move the ball down the field towards the eventual goal of Socialism. It doesn't happen with one Hail Mary pass. It doesn't happen if you admit you are a Socialist. It happens slowly, with patience and discipline. That’s what makes Obama the most dangerous Socialist this country has ever seen.

First, let's prove that Obama is a Socialist. To do that we must examine Socialism.

One of Socialism’s central tenets is demonization of the wealthy. Sound familiar? Obama plays the game of class warfare like no politician in history. His entire agenda is about targeting, demonizing, denigrating and punishing the rich. For Obama hunting the rich is a sport. It’s like shooting rich people in a barrel.

Another central tenet of Socialism is redistribution of wealth, accomplished in several ways. First, raise taxes to outlandish levels. A socialist thinks what’s yours, belongs to the state. If Obama has his way we’ll all be paying tax rates in the range of 70% or higher, while losing all deductions. Obama’s answer for every problem is taxes. Every speech is about taxes. Every State of the Union is about taxes. Some people play golf, others play tennis. Obama’s hobby is raising taxes.

But, if a Socialist President is blocked from raising taxes by a Republican Congress, there are other ways to skin the taxpayer. He can erode the lifetime savings and assets of Americans by asking the Fed to print trillions of dollars of fake money. Inflation is a stealth way to bankrupt anyone with income and assets (i.e. the rich) -- without ever raising a tax.

Just as effective is spending the country into bankruptcy. Obama has added over $5 trillion to the national debt in only three years (primarily to buy votes) in the form of stimulus, green energy “investment,” entitlements, food stamps, supporting illegal immigrants, free cell phones, free healthcare. That debt overwhelms the system and cripples the economy. Obama is enslaving our children and grandchildren to big government and big taxes for years to come. Sound familiar? Obama is busy overwhelming the system right now.

Socialism is assured when a majority of citizens become dependent on big government and are “bribed” to keep voting for the candidates that promise to keep the goodies and bribes coming. Sound familiar?

Or, government can just pass so many new rules and regulations that it’s impossible to do business anymore, thereby wiping out small business, jobs, and the U.S. economy. For all intents and purposes, we become slaves and our master is the EPA or National Labor Relations Board. With business failing, we all become dependent on government jobs or entitlements to put food on the table. Sound familiar? Obama has enacted 60,000 new rules in only three years. A private company (Boeing) was stopped by Obama's NLRB from opening a plant in a non-union state. This sure sounds like government control over the economy to me.

Socialism is about government control. It doesn’t have to be a direct takeover. Government can bail out Wall Street, banks, mortgage providers like Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, insurance giants like AIG, and automakers like GM & Chrysler. The result is government control through intimidation and coercion. Soon government is demanding student loans be forgiven, contraception be provided for free, people who don’t pay their mortgages be allowed to stay in their homes, and electric cars be manufactured -- even if no one wants them. Sound familiar?

Socialists also violate private property rights. Obama did that when he stole GM and Chrysler from its investors and shareholders and awarded ownership to his auto union buddies. He’s doing it again by demanding private insurers provide free contraception.

Socialists discredit the opposition. Obama had Homeland Security put out directives to law enforcement declaring Libertarians, conservatives, and Tea Partiers as possible domestic terrorists.

Socialists take away civil rights. Obama extended and expanded the Patriot Act to listen to our calls and emails without warrants. He signed legislation to allow for indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without charges. And, his Obamacare bill allows for the creation of a civilian defense force on U.S. soil that answers to…guess who? The President.

Socialists want to control and censor the media. Obama supports the Fairness Doctrine, which would cripple conservative talk radio. Meanwhile his bailout of newspapers and GE, parent of NBC, CNBC and MSNBC, allows government to manipulate and intimidate the media. And of course Obama has Hollywood under his thumb.

Yes, Obama is definitely a Socialist. But he’s a stealth Socialist. He believes in achieving his goals slowly, subtly. He believes in hiding and disguising his intentions. He believes in incremental success. If this was football, Obama would run a "3 yards and a cloud of dust" offense. Just keep moving the ball slowly towards the goal line. He's smarter than any Socialist we've ever seen. He understands you can't destroy America by making it clear your intent is to destroy America.

And you can't be re-elected if voters can clearly see that you are a Socialist.  So you bob and weave, lie and deceive...put on a $2500 suit and silk tie...smile at all times...kiss babies and hug middle Americans...play with your dog Bo...trot out your two sweet daughters...and talk about "fairness" a hundred times a day.

Four years ago Obama slipped up and said “I just want to spread the wealth around.” Just days ago he slipped up again, when an open microphone caught him telling the Russian President to just be patient. “I’ve an election to win then I’ll have more flexibility.”

This is the Obama plan. A second term so he can finish off what he started. Make 12 million illegal immigrants – disproportionate recipients of government programs – into voting citizens. Ban all oil drilling and watch gas soar to unimagined heights. Ban gun ownership. Raise taxes to levels that will destroy entrepreneurship and starve his political opposition. Make unions the most powerful force in the economy. Intimidate big business into supporting his agenda. Silence conservative talk radio. Give our military secrets to the Russians. Without having to ever face another election, Obama is free to be the real Obama for the first time.

Liberals, Obama defenders, and even Socialists are right about one thing. Obama is no ordinary Socialist. Obama is a hybrid. He is a Socialist/Marxist/Fascist/and Corporatist all rolled into one. And that, my friends, is the deadliest breed America has ever seen.

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee.

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