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Obamafraud: How Obama Ripped Off the Entire Country


The truth is out. Obamacare is a failure. Worse it's pure fraud. Bernie Madoff has nothing on Obama.

US President Barack Obama speaks at Temple Emanu-El November 6, 2013 in Dallas, Texas. Obama spoke about the Affordable Care Act amid technical problems which have hurt the rollout of the healthcare marketplace. AFP PHOTO/Brendan SMIALOWSKI (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

President Barack Obama and his socialist cabal, supported by the mainstream media, has perpetrated the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme. It’s crippling the U.S. economy, bankrupting the middle class, and driving up the national debt. It is known as Obamacare.

Let’s call it by its real name: “Obamafraud.”

[sharequote align="center"]Let’s call it by its real name: “Obamafraud.”[/sharequote]

We’ve been scammed. We've been lied to and defrauded. While exploding health insurance premiums for small business and middle class Americans are bringing the economy to a virtual standstill, Obamacare exchanges and cooperatives are going bankrupt, costing taxpayers billions.

So far Obamacare exchanges have gone bust in Nevada, Vermont, Oregon and Hawaii. If Obamacare has run through every federal dollar in small, ultra-liberal states like Hawaii and Vermont, what hope is there for the rest of the nation?

Obamacare co-ops are even worse, collapsing and failing at a rate of almost 50 percent. Co-ops have failed in Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oregon, South Carolina and Utah. That’s just about half of the 23 co-ops. Many more are on the brink of collapse. Taxpayers will lose billions of dollars.

But on a personal level, the story is even worse. Like millions of Americans my healthcare premiums have skyrocketed from $500 per month to well over $1,500. For Obama voters, I’ll keep it simple: that means my rates have TRIPLED because of Obamafraud.

But that’s only the start. My co-pays have doubled; my deductible is massive; my family’s prescriptions are barely covered. One recent emergency room visit cost a co-pay of $500, plus $2,500 in other uncovered costs. That’s WITH insurance that costs well over $1,500 per month.


Obama calls me “rich.” I earn a high income and my family is healthy, yet these healthcare costs are draining my budget and crowding out all other expenses. In response my family is cutting spending dramatically. Do you have any idea what this means? Multiply this disaster happening to millions of middle class families, and it’s clear why the economy is in freefall. Jobs will be lost by the millions. GDP is already at a standstill.

Let’s examine the REAL story of Obamafraud: the world’s biggest scam and Ponzi scheme that the mainstream media calls a “success.”

Obama and the media claim millions of new signups. They call that "a great achievement." Really? Let’s apply the Obamafraud story to the private sector. Assume you own a car company and you offer 50 people who don't have cars free cars and 20 percent take you up on it. Is that "a great achievement?"

Obama offered free or greatly discounted health insurance and a few million people are taking him up on it. WOW! He's like … Moses!

What if you ban the style of cars that 50 car lovers are already driving and then offer free replacement cars and they take them. Is that "a great achievement?"

Obama banned the insurance policies of millions of Americans, then told them they had to get a new one or face penalties. Is a combination of people accepting free stuff and other people getting new Obama-approved insurance policies because Obama took their old policies away “a great achievement?” WOW. Obama is so talented!

What about the cost? If you spend $1 billion of other people’s money on an auto factory, then sell $1 million worth of cars, is that a “success?”

That's exactly what Obama did. He spent and lost a few billion dollars of other people’s money building a defective web site, then fixing it, then hiring thousands of overpaid bureaucrats and IRS employees to oversee it all, then billions more on wasted taxpayer loans to co-ops that are all going bankrupt.

Who pays for it? YOU - with higher premiums, higher taxes and massive new national debt. Obama has wasted billions of dollars of other people's money. WOW, what a talented man.

But wait, it gets worse.

What if each of the 50 people who loves cars, spent $25,000 on their old cars. But now, after Obama banned the old style they need to spend $50,000 each on new cars. They’d never waste $50,000 unless they were forced at gunpoint. In this private sector example, they’d be forced at gunpoint by mafia thugs. But in real-life Obama just uses the IRS and government thugs to force you to buy something you don't want, or need.

We were forced to throw away perfectly good $25,000 cars. Now we're broke and heavily in debt because you made us spend $50,000 on a new car we never wanted or needed. What "a great achievement.”

But, there's more!

. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

While you made everyone buy new cars, you also ruined the entire auto industry, so many carmakers have decided to retire, or go out of business. So now, people are walking around with "the right" to free cars but there are no cars for them.

That's exactly what Obama did.

He forced people to sign up for free healthcare, but doctors are leaving in droves. They want nothing to do with Obamacare. So you've got "free healthcare." Hooray! Unfortunately there's no one to provide it. You'll be stuck in long lines for years to get your "free stuff." Is that "a great achievement?"

Obama gave away free healthcare to poor people who never had a policy and calls that "an achievement" because they took it. Then he banned the average middle class American’s health insurance policy. They were forced at gunpoint to buy a new one. Now he claims “success” because they did s o- all because he ruined their perfectly good old policy.

And to pay for it all, he’s charging middle class Americans double or triple. By the time they add in deductibles and co-pays, they may be paying quadruple. They pay because they have no choice- there's a gun to their head. But they are left with no money, so they stop buying other things. So the economy is crippled.

Worst of all, Obama has badly damaged the quality of the U.S. healthcare system. Doctors are leaving in droves while millions of new patients are being added to the system. The result will be gridlock and bankruptcy.

Or haven't you heard the British government-run healthcare system is insolvent and on the verge of collapse and bankruptcy? By 2020 it will be forced to close 20 percent of its hospitals. At this moment patients wait up to eight hours for ambulances. British doctors call the government-run system “worse than communist China.” Now Obama has brought this train wreck to America. It costs far more, but delivers nothing but misery, disaster and bankruptcy.

Since it cost the taxpayer billions, Obama’s definition of “success” must be called DEBT. We pay for all this by piling up massive national debt that will someday soon turn America into Greece. And it’s all achieved through extortion and media coverup. It’s organized crime, sanctioned by government.

Obamacare isn't a "success" or a "great achievement." It's a con job. A scam. A Ponzi scheme. The murder of the middle class.


It’s time to throw everyone involved in the sale of ObamaFraud in prison. Let’s start with the architect, Jonathan Gruber, and start moving up the food chain. It should end with the man it’s named after - Barack Hussein Obama.

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