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Real men are pro-life
Local pro-choice activist Lisa King holds a sign in front of the U.S. Supreme Court as a pro-life activist holds a rose nearby during the annual 'March for Life' event January 22, 2009 in Washington, DC. The event was to mark the anniversary of the 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court abortion ruling. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Real men are pro-life

It's good to find a man who will be supportive, but not if he'd "support" her decision to kill her child.

Last week, a radical pro-abortion group started the #MenForChoice campaign. It gave men on Twitter the chance to publicly confess their appreciation and affection for the abortion industry. Some even gathered in Washington, D.C. for an abortion fan club meeting where they drank cocktails and sacrificed a goat to Satan, presumably.


I have to say it's kind of strange to see feminists enlisting representatives of The Patriarchy to defend their most sacred institution. We men have always been told that our opinions about the fate of children in the womb don't matter. Even our own children are none of our concern until they're born, they insist. Why, then, are feminists applauding these men for offering their endorsement of something that's none of their business? Why do the ignorant opinions of knuckle-dragging misogynists suddenly matter again?

Well, I suppose the answer to that question is obvious. Their opinions matter because they selected their opinions from the Approved Opinion Handbook. Indeed, feminists will generously listen to any point of view -- provided the point of view lines up 100 percent with their own. Men are allowed to have a voice, as long as their voice is indiscernible from a feminist's voice.

 (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

This is why I kind of appreciate campaigns like #MenForChoice. They can be useful because they give self-respecting women the chance to see countless examples of exactly the kinds of guys they should avoid. If my daughter were old enough, I'd tell her to carefully observe pro-choice men and then be sure to marry someone who is completely the opposite of them in every respect.

Yes it's good for a woman to find a man who will open the door for her, but not the door to the abortion clinic. It's good to find a man who will be supportive, but not if he'd "support" her decision to kill her child. A real man says, "Have this baby and I will make sure to take care of him and you for the rest of my life." A selfish, weak, emasculated man says, "Do what you want with it, honey. I am impartial as to whether my child lives or dies. Now please can I go back to watching TV?"

This is what makes effeminate pro-abortion men so sickening. They not only endorse the murder of the unborn, but they try to foist the moral burden onto women under the guise of "empathy" and "understanding." They leave the women to deal with the physical and psychological toll of abortion -- not to mention the children, who clearly pay the highest physical price -- and they get to sit off at a distance and congratulate themselves for being so gentlemanly about it.

And I don't use the phrase "real men" here as a mere schoolyard insult against pro-choice males -- although it is an insult and a richly deserved one. But I mean it factually and literally, too.

[sharequote align="center"]It's good for a woman to find a man who will open the door for her, but not an abortion clinic door.[/sharequote]

To be a man is to fulfill the obligations that come with the territory. A man who not only supports prenatal murder but leaves the women and children of society to absorb the devastating impact of the institution is a man who has rejected those obligations. He is a man who has rejected his manhood. A man who has castrated himself, in effect.

Of course most of the geldings who endorse the evil of abortion will call it neutrality, as if the entire male gender can be Switzerland in the war on the unborn. But neutrality is not an option. There is no staying out of this one. We are not enlightened because we sit back and submissively nod as children are dismembered and destroyed. We are complicit. We are accomplices. We are co-conspirators in the genocide.

Dante said the darkest places in Hell are for those who reserve their neutrality in times of moral crisis. I'd only add that the darkest parts of the darkest places are reserved for men who reserve their neutrality in the face of the mass murder of children.

Pro-choice men say "It's none of our business," but they couldn't be more wrong. It's precisely our business. Our business is to fight injustice. Our business is to provide moral guidance and leadership to a culture in desperate need of it. Our business is to defend the innocent, especially children. And our business if to protect the souls of those who are lost, confused, and on the verge of committing a grave evil.

A woman who is considering abortion is about to fall into a very dark and cold place, a place of unimaginable regret and grief, and our business is to try and save her from this fate. Our business is not to scamper out of the way and wave politely as she plunges into a lifetime of soul-crushing guilt. That's not what real men do. Men don't stand to the side in these situations. Men stand up and speak. That's what makes us men.

Men who support abortion always say that we have no say and no stake in the abortion discussion because we lack the requisite female reproductive organs. This is an absurd claim for multiple reasons, leaving aside how it blatantly contradicts everything we hear from the LGBT camp about the fluidity of gender and so forth.

First of all, even the most feminist and progressive of women still haven't figured out a way to create another person independent of men. No matter how "empowered" she is, she still does not have the power to reproduce on her own. It's simply inaccurate, from a biological standpoint, to suggest that men have "no stake" in the production of new people. We have a 50 percent stake, at least. I think nature backs me up on that.

Second, as for "having a say," it's not as though abortion is a private and consensual agreement between the parties concerned. There are at least three people immediately impacted by the choice -- the mother, the father, and the child -- but only one is given a say legally. The child, unable to speak for himself, can only rely on others to speak out on his behalf. That's why we should have something to say: because abortion silences the one person who should really have a say.

Now, here I've mostly addressed the kinds of men who tolerate and celebrate the killing of children in a general sense. But there are, of course, plenty of men who more specifically encourage the murder of their own children. Sometimes they not only encourage it but insist upon it (not that there's any real moral difference between merely accepting the murder of your child and actively pushing for it).

What can be said of the kinds of men who cherish their comfort and convenience and video game time so much that they'd have their children killed in order to preserve it? They are cowards and bums, yes, but somehow these terms feel insufficient. They remind me of the guy who allegedly executed his child by locking him in a SUV on a 90 degree day, hoping to get rid of his "burden" so that could live a life unencumbered by the duties of fatherhood. The term "coward" doesn't quite do justice to a man who leaves his son to die in a hot car, and neither can it fully encapsulate the men who leave their children to die in the womb.

Planned Parenthood pretends to empower women, but it's men of this sort who've always been the primary beneficiaries of its "services." Men get free sex, men get an escape hatch from responsibility, men get to maintain their easy lifestyles, and men don't have to deal with any of the physical side effects. Abortion is a gift to deadbeats, which is why deadbeats are such ardent supporters of it. And that's to say nothing of the rapists and pedophiles who've always relied on the abortion industry to help them facilitate and cover up their crimes.

Deadbeats, rapists, and pedophiles: the only winners in the one million abortions performed every year in this country. But real men don't align themselves which these types. Real men care about innocent children and vulnerable women. That's what makes us men. And that's what makes us pro-life.

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