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Recon Secure Computing: Your Online Body Guard
The entrance of Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California is seen December 16, 2014. "Guardians of Peace" hackers invoked the 9/11 attacks in their most chilling threat yet against Sony Pictures, warning the Hollywood studio not to release a film which has angered North Korea. (Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Recon Secure Computing: Your Online Body Guard

Sony Pictures could have used a vigilant and effective cyber security firm like Recon Secure Computing, a military family owned cyber security firm second to none.

Every day we hear stories about disloyalty, theft and fraud in government and business, and terrorist cyber attacks, the story of Recon Secure Computing (RSC) is one that counters the mainstream media culture of telling us about the bad things in the world. RSC is a military family success story we need to share and support.

In today’s online world nothing is more important than protecting your information: your identity, your assets, your cyber life, and with the recent cyber attack from North Korea on Sony Pictures, your movies! RSC, a military family owned and operated business with years of security and computing experience behind it, is a personal and professional online body guard.

Jesse and Tamara Davis are the married team that conceptualized and then realized their dream of creating and then refining an active cyber security service tailored to the individual’s needs. They seek out and then hire veterans, a virtually untapped resource in a highly competitive and constantly shifting industry.

Military employees know how to operate under pressure, are trained to be vigilant, and are as loyal as the day is long. These are highly valued qualities in any business, but when the stakes are as high as someone’s cyber life, they become indispensable.

With 32 years of computing software experience, and 12 years specifically in cyber/information security, architect and lead engineer, Jesse Davis, a former Non-Commissioned Officer Air Force Security Policeman with information security responsibilities, cut his teeth early in keeping bad guys at bay.

“I’ve worked with various regulatory agencies, banks, and medical systems,” Jesse told me. “Any corporation that had a need to not only detect security incidents, but resolve them; from application software to hardware firewalls.”

Tamara is the business owner, CEO and mother of two 34th Infantry Division (“Red Bulls”) Army National Guard sons. And although not a military veteran herself, she has a rich family history of service, dating back to her maternal grandfather who was an Army sergeant who served in WWI. Her background is in sales and business computer applications.

As Veterans Day focused attention on those who have served this great nation of ours, a new website representing the cutting edge of cyber security has made its debut. RSC is as slick as it is serious.

Services include internal and external security assessments, information security readiness, and network and computer forensics. For the layperson, RSC can keep you safer than you’ve ever been in the uber techno landscape in which we find ourselves for more and more of our waking and sleeping hours.

In fact, RSC is a 24/7 cyber security blanket that keeps you warm (safe) even while you sleep. Technicians are on call and watching as sentinels in the wee hours of the morning and can respond immediately to an active compromise situation. Cyber criminals usually probe or “recon” a system before they attack, and RSC stands ready to protect at the first indication of intent.

“Knowledge is power. Understanding is empowerment!” This is the motto and mission statement of a thinking person’s cyber guard. Knowing what’s going on is only useful if you understand what to do about it. RSC not only figures out “what” and “who” is trying to hurt you, they can stop them dead in their tracks and then use the information to help authorities track down the bad guys.

RSC is a hacker’s worst nightmare.

Over time, RSC could lead the way to eradicating cyber theft altogether. Once word gets out that hackers are getting “pinched” by clandestine defenses, the thrill and sport of preying on unsuspecting innocents will wane. As more bad guys go to jail, fewer and fewer will want to follow a convict’s cyber footsteps.

Authorities claim pick-pocketing has all but disappeared from the petty crime landscape because those who were skilled in the trade were apprehended and jailed for long periods, and then there was no one left on the streets to teach the necessary skills to aspiring criminals. The same could occur with cyber crime.

The more cyber criminals who are thwarted and then apprehended and jailed for long periods, the fewer mentors there are for those who want to learn the trade. RSC is on point in the fight against cyber crime, on a mission to keep American businesses and individuals safe.

Hard working, dedicated and loyal, Jesse and Tamara Davis are proud American patriots who have found an important niche in protecting their fellow citizens against nefarious cyber-forces of evil. Let’s help this business grow and prosper by spreading the word of RSC’s excellence in cyber security. On Twitter, email, or phone.

For veterans and veteran supporters, helping veterans is one of the most powerful tools we have to enrich and strengthen our republic, inside and out! Hooah!

I am the author of "Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay: A Memoir of a Citizen Warrior," and a three times mobilized U.S. Army Reserve Major (Retired). Twitter @mjgranger1

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