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The Dead Navy SEALS Could Have Used Obama's New '15 Minute Rule


"If they need something, we figure out a way to say yes."

US President Barack Obama speaks to the press in the briefing room of the White House October 29, 2012 in Washington after being briefed in the Situation Room on the status of Hurricane Sandy as it approaches the Atlantic coast of the United States. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

I'm not over the Benghazi attack. I'm also fairly certain that the families of the Americans killed at the Benghazi compound are also not over it. Why are we upset? Let's review just a couple of salient points.

Based on reliable reports:

  • The president did not do everything in his considerable power to save the lives of the Americans under attack on September 11th.

  • Barack Obama continues to dodge any serious questions on the topic

Yesterday, President Obama reminded us why we are angry... On Wednesday, Oct. 31st, during a press conference with NJ Governor Chris Christie, our president made statements that seriously bothered me all afternoon and continue to upset me.

Credit: Getty Images

President Obama visited the Jersey Shore and surveyed the storm damage in the Garden State with Governor Chris Christie. After the event, both men delivered remarks to the media. Christie was quite complimentary to the president and praised their working relationship. Likewise, Obama gave the Gov. high marks on preparation and reaction to the devastating storm.

However, it was late in the President's speech that  a couple of comments stood out and made me take notice.

Just over 10 minutes into the video, Mr. Obama started talking about the importance of getting people back to work and pledges the use of "military assets" to make that happen. Military assets? Are you kidding me? Where was the pledge to use "military assets" to help the four Americans who were killed in Benghazi on September 11th?

As the video continues, the president goes on to explain his new "15 minute rule." President Obama claimed that he has instructed his staff to return the calls of governors and mayors in the storm-ravaged areas, "within 15 minutes." He went on to state:

"If they need something, we figure out a way to say yes."

The State Department employees under attack on September 11th could have used a "15 minute rule." What might have happened in Benghazi on that horrible night if the president's "15 Minute Rule" had been in effect and someone figured out "a way to say YES" to the request for assistance from the Americans under attack?

President Obama closed his remarks by also letting the people of NJ know:

"We go through tough times, but we bounce back. The reason we bounce back is because we look out for one another, and we don't leave anybody behind."

We don't leave anyone behind? The families of the dead Ambassador and ex-SEALS certainly might disagree with that statement.

(The screen grab is the same, but the clip is different.)

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The full press event video is here:

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