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The rule of law cannot survive with a crook like Hillary Clinton in the White House

Matt Walsh
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The Hillary Clinton campaign is truly a smorgasbord of scandal.

It's impossible to sort through all of the corruption and lawlessness. Hillary seems to break the law so often that you have to wonder if she's ever put together a 30-minute stretch where she didn't commit a series of blatant felonies. But maybe that's not entirely fair. Her campaign speeches are typically over 30 minutes — barring a medical emergency — and I'm sure she makes it through most of them without perpetrating any serious crimes.


Although there's no doubt that she could commit a crime on stage, say out loud, "Hey, look, I'm committing a crime," and the ensuing FBI investigation would still turn up no evidence of her doing the thing we just saw her do. Nor would the event be deemed worthy of news coverage. I'm sure the woman could stab an endangered panda in the throat right there on camera and it wouldn't even make the front page of the Washington Post. And if it did make the front page somehow, it would be with the headline "Desperate Republicans Claim Clinton Stabbed Panda."

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Indeed, none of the controversy and criminality from the Clinton camp seems to have piqued the media's interest yet. We're told that we can't accuse them of bias, though, even if they do donate to her campaign and attend swanky dinners at her campaign chairman's house. According to the media, none of that should lead a person to assume that the media is ignoring or downplaying Hillary's scandals. And maybe they're right. Maybe they'll get around to talking about the fact that the Democratic nominee and likely next president of the United States is an unscrupulous, double-dealing crook once they're finished filing their 1,000th report on Pepe the cartoon frog. In the meantime, let's cut them a little slack, folks.

As for Hillary, we can't really cut her any more slack than she's already been given, considering she's obviously empowered to do literally whatever she wants. She has all the slack in the world, because, unlike the faceless peons who populate most of America, she is not tied down by the constraints of the law. If you needed more proof of that, you could find it in the FBI records released just this week. The documents reveal that Patrick Kennedy, a senior official with the State Department, tried to offer a "quid pro quo"  to the bureau while it was investigating Hillary's illegal email practices. He suggested that they reclassify one of the emails marked "secret" and promised to reciprocate in some way. In other words, he asked law enforcement officials to help him cover up a crime in exchange for a favor.

Now, back in the world of faceless peons, this is known as "bribing the FBI." It's a crime. A very grave crime. And if you try something like this the next time you're in trouble with the feds, you'll end up in jail. If you try it in order to cover up a crime that your boss committed, there's a very good chance that you and your boss will end up in jail, seeing as how you almost certainly would not take that step unless you were specifically instructed to do so.

But remember, Hillary Clinton lives in a different world. She's more important than us. She's better. All animals are equal, as George Orwell wrote, but some animals are more equal than others. She's far more equal than you. So, in her world, the official who offered the bribe won't even be firedlet alone arrested.

President Obama dismissed the controversy as overblown. Keep in mind, this is coming from the same guy who thought the worries over ISIS were overblown. Maybe he's just a bit confused about what that word actually means. Either way, neither the cover up nor the crime will elicit so much as an apology from anyone in the Hillary Clinton crime family.

Meanwhile, investigative journalist James O'Keefe has been releasing a series of videos exposing other elaborate criminal conspiracies in the Democrat ranks. In the second O'Keefe video this week, Democratic operatives confess to (well, brag about) mass voter fraud. In the video released a day before, several Democratic officials are caught on tape admitting that they purposefully incite violence at Trump rallies -- sometimes hiring the homeless and mentally ill to carry out the deed.

Bob Creamer, a convicted felon, husband of a Democratic congresswoman and founder of a "consulting firm" that was working on the Clinton campaign, said that Hillary had complete knowledge of these violent plots and that her campaign was "fully in it." The paper trail seems to back that up, as records show that another activist involved in the incitement was on Clinton's payroll at the time.

In case you're curious, it is definitely a crime to intentionally incite violence. The fact that several high ranking Democratic operatives have admitted to this crime — and implicated Hillary Clinton in it — should, you might think, at least lead to some kind of investigation. But it looks like no investigation will take place. This is Clinton we're talking about. These are Democrats. The law simply does not apply to these people.

I've heard over and over again how Donald Trump is "undermining our democracy." Whether that's true or not, what about electing a political gangster like Hillary Clinton to the highest office in the land? Would that not "undermine our democracy," too? I think so. And not just because of the buffet of extortion, theft, bribery, fraud and general crookedness that a Clinton White House would serve on a daily basis. I mean, the woman even steals the damned furniture everywhere she goes. She's a kleptomaniac on top of being a corrupt and ruthless tyrant. She's Bloody Mary and Winona Ryder all rolled into one. But that's not really the point.

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The point is that many (though certainly not all) of Hillary's crimes are known. It's generally accepted by at least half of the country that she's a cheat, a liar and a crook. What that means is that she will not have the moral authority to enforce the laws of the United States. She'll still have the legal authority, of course, but that legal authority will be wielded by a person who is notorious for not caring about what's legal and what isn't. The figure ultimately in charge of making sure that the laws are protected and enforced will be someone who has no respect for it to begin with. To Hillary, the law is arbitrary. And we all know she sees it that way. 

I suspect many citizens will therefore decide that the law no longer applies to them, either. If the people at the very top are not subject to the law, why should we be subject to it? This is the calculation people always make when lawless dictators rule over them. The result, inevitably, is chaos. And the only way for the ruler to reestablish order is either to submit to the law herself or to rule oppressively, with terror and violence. I believe the latter is more to Queen Hillary's liking.

So, "undermine our democracy"? Forget undermining it. Hillary Clinton would utterly shatter it. Our republic is fundamentally grounded in and defined by the law. It cannot exist apart from the law. It cannot be led by a woman who categorically refuses to be subject to the law. And if such a woman manages to seize the reins of power -- and it looks like she's on the cusp, with very little standing in her way -- it will send a message to the entire population that the law is no longer sovereign in this nation. We will know that our leaders no longer recognize the supremacy of the law, and that fact will cause many citizens to wonder how a leader who does not recognize the law can derive any legitimacy or authority from it.

And that is a terrifying question. But it's the kind of question we'll have to grapple with in the dark times that lay ahead.

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