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This Should be Donald Trump's Answer to: 'Is Obama a Muslim?


Whether Obama is a Muslim or Christian won’t solve any of the disasters he has so deftly put into motion.

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Donald Trump is now being asked “Is Obama a Muslim?” I have a few answers for him.

First, why does it matter? Barack Obama is destroying America, American exceptionalism, middle-class jobs and America’s respect and standing all over the world. Whether he’s a Muslim or Christian is meaningless. The real question is “How Do We Make America Great Again?”

How do we pay off $18 trillion in debt before it implodes the U.S. economy? How do we create an economy offering something besides low-wage, part-time jobs? How do we save the middle class from Obamacare’s doubling and tripling of health insurance premiums? How do we save the world from Muslim radicals? Whether Obama is a Muslim or Christian won’t solve any of the disasters he has so deftly put into motion.

[sharequote align="center"]Whether Obama is a Muslim or Christian won’t solve the disasters he has so deftly put into motion.[/sharequote]

Secondly, although Obama claims to be a Christian, it’s certainly not dumb or ignorant to wonder if he’s telling the truth. After all, he has a history of lying with impunity about so many things.

He looked the American people in the eye and lied when he swore “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” At the moment Obama made that promise he was lying. Internal White House documents reported that 93 million Americans would lose their plans.

He promised that Obamacare would reduce the cost of health insurance premiums. Wrong. Insurance premiums have skyrocketed.

And, “Obamacare will reduce the deficit." Wrong again. The CBO has backed off that claim.

And, “Obamacare will create 4 million jobs.” Wrong by 6.5 million jobs in the wrong direction.

He lied about all of it.

Then there were his lies about Benghazi … or do you still think it was a spontaneous uprising based on a movie no one ever saw? The facts prove it was known to Obama as a terrorist attack at the moment that he announced it as a protest based on a movie offensive to Islam.

Obama lied about the IRS scandal. It wasn't small … it wasn’t a "mistake" … it wasn’t based in one office in Cincinnati. If you believe either Obama or one of his political operatives wasn’t giving the orders to target and persecute conservative groups and critics (like me), I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Obama called George W. Bush "unpatriotic" for adding $4 trillion to the national debt and promised to cut the debt in half during his first term.

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This was such an audacious lie that once in office he never mentioned it again and instead added triple the debt to $12 trillion - more debt than all the presidents in U.S. history COMBINED by the time he leaves office.

Third, Christianity includes a broad range of religious beliefs and practices. Obama chose to attend a church in Chicago where he followed, befriended, and looked to its minister, Jeremiah Wright, as a spiritual advisor. This is the same Jeremiah Wright who preached hatred for America, white people, Jews and Israel and screamed “God damn America” to his congregation.

Most American’s would call such a church led by someone like Jeremiah Wright a cult, and his followers (as a best case scenario) weird, bizarre, radical, America-hating Christians.

Fourth, my blue-collar butcher father had great common sense. He always said "actions speak louder than words."

Let’s look at just a few of Obama’s actions:

There is a worldwide war on Christians. Christians are being persecuted and murdered. Not only does Obama say and do nothing, he has taken numerous actions (the Iranian Nuclear Deal being the most obvious), that directly puts Christians (as well as Jews) in more danger. Strange behavior for an American president, whether Christian or not.

Why does Obama refuse to use the words “Muslim” and “terrorist” in the same sentence?

He refuses to even admit that Islamic State is a Muslim group.

Obama has quietly imported over 250,000 Muslim immigrants into America per year during his presidency. How many are terrorists? How many want to live under Shariah law? How many are on welfare, thereby overwhelming our system?

Obama claims we’re winning the war against Islamic State, when the facts on the ground show we are losing.

He appears to be purposely doing nothing and buying Islamic State valuable time to grow stronger. Soon they will be impossible to stop.

One Muslim boy was offended by his teachers and Obama immediately invites him to the White House.

Has any child of a police officer murdered in the line of duty, or the child of any of the U.S. soldiers murdered by a Muslim at Fort Hood ever been invited to the White House?

When American heroes were shot by a Muslim terrorist in Tennessee, why did Obama refuse for almost a week to lower the White House flag to half staff?

With Iran, Obama made the single most pathetic and dangerous treaty in American history … a treaty that lets a terrorist state monitor itself.

A treaty that gives a terrorist state a massive $150 billion reward that will be used to support Islamic terrorism all over the world and kill Americans. A treaty filled with secret agreements Obama won’t even show U.S. senators. A treaty that left behind four U.S. prisoners. He then re-wrote the rules of the Constitution that require the support of two-thirds of Congress to ratify any treaty.

Even those Americans who are unwilling to admit they were wrong with their votes in 2008 and 2012 and want to keep their heads buried in the sand, must admit that this is bizarre behavior for an American president, even one who is a member of a bizarre, radical Christian cult.

So … Donald Trump’s answer should be …

With friends like Obama, Christians don’t need enemies.

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