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Uncle SCAM Wants Your $$, Your Kids, and Your Country


Uncle Sam’s evil twin is poised to kill your job, your granny, and your country.

In last week’s column, Part One of “What Happened to Uncle Sam,” I shared information about the decline and impending death of America’s beloved icon, Uncle Sam.

Sad to say, but We-the-People trusted our elected representatives, believed they would represent our best interests, and then shifted into snooze control.

For several decades, while we slept, Uncle Sam was replaced by his evil twin, Uncle SCAM and a battalion of power-hungry corrupt-o-crats. They quietly infiltrated Congress and our White House and activated the necessary steps to fundamentally transform America.

uncle sam

The really scary news here is that the final step of their long-term agenda, redistribution of wealth, is moving full-steam ahead under the guise of “health care for all.” Their socialist utopia is poised to become reality. Unfortunately, this scenario will not end in a Kumbaya moment with everyone hugging and dancing around the Maypole.

Uncle SCAM’s goal of wealth redistribution is linked to the creation and failure of Obama-No-Care. This Trojan Horse and it’s unintended (but happily anticipated) consequences, already have transformed America into a country of part-time workers, caused millions of people to lose their doctors, their insurance coverage, destroyed the First Amendment by dictating policy to religious institutions, and is on track to collapse the health insurance industry.

The cry of “Repeal Obama-No-Care” can be heard across the land as the program grinds to a halt. But, here’s the deal. Complete failure of the law was their plan all along. No kidding!

Transformation of America’s health care, like everything else the progressives conjure up, is not about keeping you and your family members healthy. Did you think it was? Silly you!

It’s about their empowerment to control you, your family, your money, and your country. It’s always been about control. Period.

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Obama-No-Care is terminal. Not enough people have signed up to pay their “fair share,” despite millions of dollars spent to promote the glories of the program. The absolute deadline for enrollment has been extended from the end of March to the 12th of Never.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can request an extension if they double-pinky promise they’ll do it, eventually. Voila! They will not be penalized or forced to sign up or pay up. Not ever, never.

Regardless of how Uncle SCAM continues to play the health care game, and despite extensions that go on forever, the results are set in cement. Eventually the program will be declared DOA.

Lame-stream media will cry “oh woe is us!” and blame Republicans, conservatives, tea-party patriots, global warming, the tooth fairy, and the Pope for the failure of Obama-No-Care.

But then, “Tah! Dah!” Uncle SCAM will save the day and declare that the federal government must step up and manage health care for the “public good.”

Universal health care: Medicare for everyone, including illegal immigrants . . . but excluding the political elites who have their very own gold-plated health insurance plans.

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At that point, We-the-Duped will have become shackled to universal health care, a single-payer system run by the same nitwits/misfits/unionized government employees who mismanage the Post Office. The Payment Services Advisory Board (originally identified by Sarah Palin as the “death panel”) will ramp up its power and determine who receives healthcare, and who doesn’t. (Seniors, people with disabilities, and challenged youngsters will be first on the denial list. You can count on that!)

[sharequote align="center"]If you don't have really bad screams, you must have no brain or no pulse[/sharequote]

But, here’s the good news. It’s not too late to pull our health care system (and country) back from the brink of extinction. Millions of Americans have awakened from snooze control. They’re bypassing left-wing media to share the truth about how America’s health care will continue to decline from bad to worse to unimaginable unless we take action.

The disastrous consequences of Obama-No-Care is being exposed, despite media’s attempts to deflect and distract. It’s darned near impossible to ignore the millions of Americans with cancelled insurance policies who can’t afford sky-high deductibles and premiums to obtain coverage for themselves and their families. The clamor is just beginning to be heard from millions of seniors as they lose their “advantage” Medicare plans. For sure, you’ll hear from these folks as they vote their anger in the upcoming mid-term congressional election.

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Millions of We-the-People are fully awake and angry, angry, angry at Uncle Scam and our elected representatives who have acted against our best interests. We’re committed to fire every single representative and senator who voted for Obama-No-Care. Their cushy Washington, D.C. careers are about to become history. Period.

According to New York Times Statistician, Nate Silver, Republicans could win at least six Senate seats in November, even more as Obama’s popularity plummets, the economy declines, and more Americans are impacted by the disaster of Obama-No-Care. Mr. Silver has an impressive track record, including having called Senate races correctly in 31 of 33 races in 2012.

Yippee Skippee! Here’s some really, really good news! The first casualty of the 2014 congressional “house cleaning” is a Democrat who endorsed Obama-No-Care. She lost her well-financed congressional election bid to a republican political newcomer during a special election in Florida’s 13th district.

We-the-People are determined to restore Uncle Sam to once again represent us in the quest for “truth, justice, and the American way.” We’re pushing back against the same type of tyranny our founding fathers fought and died to prevent from taking root in America.

Sustained by love for our families and our country, regardless of race, religion, gender, education, political ideology, or economic status, We-the-People stand united under a shared banner.

“Mess with the future of our country, our children, and our grandchildren . . . and you mess with us!”

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