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We Are Under Attack From The Left. And It's Time For Us To Strike Back.
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We Are Under Attack From The Left. And It's Time For Us To Strike Back.

It never ends with the left. Give them an inch, they demand a mile. So it’s time to fight back.

This is an excerpt from Wayne Allyn Root's new book, "ANGRY WHITE MALE" is the story of a powerful new revolution going on in American politics. Root has declared 2016 the year of the "Angry White Male" - a demographic he calls "the soccer moms of the 2016 election." This book tells their story - it is their personal testimony. In this explosive new book, the Trump phenomenon is seen through the eyes of the ultimateangry white male who is determined to save the middle class.


Let’s look at some of the ways we’re being targeted, intimidated, and persecuted. The evidence is out in the open. Look at the IRS scandal. Just look at the groups who President Barack Obama and his socialist cabal chose to target and persecute: conservative groups, Tea Party groups, Christian groups, Jewish groups, pro-Israel groups, pro-Constitution groups, pro-life groups, donors to conservative causes or candidates, and any Obama critic (like me) brave enough to appear in the media to report the raw truth.

I was one of the victims of this over-the-top attack on political opponents and critics of the president. I saw the attack up close and personal. And I have proof it was a political targeting and persecution based on my conservative political views.

“What proof?” you might ask.

How about comments about my conservative political views and appearances on Fox News and conservative talk radio written on the pages of my actual IRS tax returns by the IRS agent who was auditing them? How about the front of my tax returns marked “Sensitive Case.” Really? What was “sensitive” about it? I didn’t realize the political views of an American citizen made their tax returns “sensitive”?

How about one of the top IRS officials in the country demanding my tax audit case be immediately closed? Why was a top IRS official involved? Why the rush? Well, the date may have been important. My case was hurriedly ordered closed the day before IRS official Lois Lerner testified in front of Congress, claiming Fifth Amendment privilege on the grounds it could incriminate her. I wrote about all this and published the proof at TheBlaze.com and Fox News.

Skyhorse Publishing

This IRS scandal went far beyond me. I was a very small cog in a gigantic criminal conspiracy. It involved both religious and political persecution. It was the worst witch-hunt in US history. Yet the media has been doing a good job of making it disappear.

But there it is. The specific “hit list” of groups chosen for targeting, persecution, and attack has just been released and is one of the reasons for writing book. That “hit list” could be renamed “Angry White Male.” Everything being attacked was what the predominantly white middle class of America believes in: God, country, family, capitalism, conservatism, Israel, Judeo-Christian values, and the U.S. Constitution.

What do you suppose the reaction would have been from liberals, the mainstream media, and Obama if the shoe had been on the other foot? Can you imagine if it were disclosed that a white Republican president named Reagan, Bush, Romney, or Trump used the IRS to persecute black Americans, the NAACP, the ACLU, civil rights groups, black charities, Hispanic pro–illegal immigration groups, Muslim groups, atheist groups, liberal groups, and liberal critics of the president.

Can you even imagine the reaction?

I think the country would have been burned to the ground. We’d have seen riots and unrest; “million-man marches” on Washington, D.C.; the impeachment of the IRS commissioner; top IRS and presidential aides sent to prison; and many conservatives run out of Washington on a third rail, just ahead of a tar- and-feathering. I have no doubt the Republican president of the United States would have been removed from office.

But in a country where the media and college professors are almost 100 percent white guilty liberals, there was no uproar. There was only a massive cover-up. The fact is that the mainstream media gave a local New Jersey traffic scandal involving a Republican governor (Chris Christie) seventeen times more coverage in a twenty-four-hour period than they gave to the IRS scandal during the previous six months.

This IRS scandal is the canary in the coal mine. It exposed the blueprint for the liberal agenda to destroy the predominantly white middle class, for wiping angry white, straight, Christian, pro-Israel, pro-Constitution males off the face of the earth; for making us penniless, powerless, and too intimidated to speak out about what’s happening. The blue- print is that the government leads the attack and the liberal media covers it up.

If we don’t fight back, it will only get worse. If bullies are allowed to get away with beating, intimidating, or stealing, it always gets worse, much worse. They get emboldened. They start to believe they can get away with anything. They start to believe the rules don’t apply to them. And the things they do get progressively more extreme, radical, and dangerous.

I’m reasonable and fair. I believe in compromise. Many of us compromised on the liberal agenda for gay rights and gay marriage, but instead of being satisfied, liberals demanded transgender bathrooms and little boys “self-identifying” as little girls, so they can use girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers. It never ends with the left. Give them an inch, they demand a mile. So it’s time to fight back.

It’s time to defend every inch.

This is not a racial, black-and-white “Obama issue.” It’s a liberal/progressive “we know what’s best for you” issue—and if you don’t agree, we’ll fine you, prosecute you, force you out of business, or sic the weight of the US government on you or your business. Yes, Obama was the ringleader, but the vast majority of the attackers are pathetic, white, guilty liberals.

Hillary’s publicly stated goal is to protect and expand Obama’s legacy. There will be no difference between Obama’s agenda and Hillary, Bernie, or any other Democrat. Liberals are at war with God, country, Constitution, American exceptionalism, capitalism, the great American middle class, and, of course, their ultimate whipping boy: straight white males.

Angry white males can be the “soccer moms” of the 2016 election, meaning it’s time for us to get involved and make a difference. My goal is to make it hip and cool to be an angry white male. My goal is to wake up my fellow angry white males, to mobilize, to focus on the mission.

To defend every inch.

And I want to expand the tent to white females and all other members (of any race) of the under-attack American middle class. If you’re black, Hispanic, or Asian and you own a small business or work for one, you’re under attack, too.

If you’re a Christian, you’re under attack.

If you’re a Jew who loves Israel, you’re under attack.

If you’re hardworking and pay into the system, you’re under attack. That includes private-sector workers, cops, and, yes, union members, too. You’re all under attack.

This is a battle for the survival of “the makers” versus “the takers.” It just so happens that “the makers” (i.e., taxpayers) are the predominantly white middle class. We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. We must fight back or lose our country and everything we believe in. Our goal is not racism or superiority. Our goal is fairness and equality, whether white or black, male or female, straight or gay. We don’t want to be superior over anyone; we just want to be treated equally, too.

The problem is that our enemies on the left have no interest in “fairness,” equality, or free speech. They mouth those words, but it’s a lie. Their goal is silencing us, banning our opinions, and labeling us as “racists” for telling the politically incorrect truth. Their goal is to keep us dependent and under their thumb. And to achieve that, progressive icon Saul Alinsky taught progressives that “the ends justify the means.”

Want proof? Look no further than bans on free speech and conservative speakers at college campuses across America. Study the actions of Obama’s Gestapo (aka the IRS) for proof. See Obama’s use of the Securities and Exchange Com- mission to punish ratings agencies that dared to downgrade the credit rating of the United States.

Study the lies and misrepresentations used to sell the fraud called Obamacare. These people have no interest in fairness. They consider themselves superior. They want their way or the highway. They want mind control. They want us under their thumb. They are classic bullies.

Watch what happens when we give an inch on gun control. If we give them gun registration or background checks, they’ll move straight to gun confiscation. Compromise to the political left means you agree with them. There is no middle ground. There is only fraud, lies, slander, and name calling. Give them an inch, and they’ll always try to take a mile. So we’re not going to give an inch anymore.

The goal of the left has never been equality. It is adherence and total loyalty to their “superior” philosophy. They want us to become second-class citizens. They want to ban our free speech and violate our rights. They want us poor, helpless, and dependent on the government so we don’t have the money or power to fight back. They want shared misery (except for themselves, of course). They want revenge and reparations.

Today, reparations have camouflaged names: high taxes, onerous regulations, Obamacare, climate change, IRS attacks, expanded welfare spending, and food stamps. These are all forms of reparations. They take money from the people who earn it and redistribute it to the favored groups of the left.

We have no choice but to stand up for our own self- defense. We must no longer stand by as our rights and hard- earned income and assets are ripped away. We can no longer worry about political correctness or offending someone. The left doesn’t care about offending or persecuting us. While we’re worried about offending them, they’re destroying us. While we’re worrying about words, they’re using actions: executive actions, legislation, and targeting by powerful government agencies to destroy us. It’s time to say, “We’ve had enough—and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

Let the revolution begin.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as "the middle class warrior" and "the capitalist evangelist." Wayne’s latest book "ANGRY WHITE MALE" will be released on August 23rd. Wayne is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, bestselling author, international business speaker, serial entrepreneur and conservative media personality – appearing on over 9,000 interviews in the past eight years. Wayne’s web site: ROOTforAmerica.com.

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