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Western Civilization is on Life Support and Europe is Trying to Pull the Plug


The European Commission's proposal to allow countless Middle Eastern immigrants, who we know nothing about, into Europe could end up being the deathblow to Western Civilization in Europe.

Refugees stand in front of the accommodation for refugees and migrants in Hohenmoelsen, central Germany, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

Western Civilization, whether the world chooses to admit it or not, is dying.

All the signs point to an inevitable pending disaster: Our liberties are eroding, the culture has fundamentally transformed (in both good and bad ways), the religious underpinnings of our society have been removed, and life as we know it is about to radically change forever.

In short, Western Civilization is on life support, and in light of the ongoing immigration crisis in Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and Italy, it appears the European Union is attempting to pull the plug.

Refugees stand in front of the accommodation for refugees and migrants in Hohenmoelsen, central Germany, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

The European Commission (EC), the executive body of the European Union, recently announced its plan, formally presented by EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, to deal with the thousands of mostly Syrian refugees flooding into Europe to escape Middle Eastern chaos. Juncker’s plan would distribute roughly 160,000 refugees across numerous European Union nations. EU interior ministers recently met in Brussels and agreed in principle to share the 160,000 refugees, but an official plan isn’t expected until October.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Juncker’s plan may not be enough, as she expects millions more to enter her nation alone over the next several years. More than 120,000 Middle Eastern refugees arrived in Munich in August alone.

The millions of Middle Eastern men, women, and children that have and will enter Europe are predominantly Muslim. This, in and of itself, is not problematic. The overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world are spectacular people, and I’ve had the privilege of knowing many Muslim immigrants and children of Muslim immigrants. Many are some of the best people I’ve met.

The West has nothing to fear from Islam in general, but rather from a particular, fundamentalist brand of the faith. Of course, there are radical Christians, radical Hindus, and radical Jews, but radical Islam presents an especially dangerous threat to the Western world. Why? Because fanatical Islam—the kind practiced by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and Iran’s theocratic leadership—rejects Western ideas, such as the importance of self-governance, individual liberty, and democratic principles.

In radical Islam, the religion must be merged with the government, and anything less is considered to fall short of the mandates of their faith. Yes, some religious tolerance is permitted (even amongst the extremists), but their version of “tolerance” relegates Christians, Jews, and others to second-class-citizenship status, and those who step out of line and demand more rights are required to be silenced, and in some cases murdered.

Women, homosexuals, and other minority groups have restricted rights. Notions like “freedom of speech” and “due process” are shaped by the tenants of radical Islam, not a constitution, which for radical Muslims is a laughable and abhorrent way of governing that’s contrary to God’s will.

This isn’t some vast right-wing conspiracy cooked up by fanatical Christians to inspire fear, as many far-left individuals would have you believe, this comes straight from many Muslims’ own stated religious beliefs and from their very own comments. How many times must we watch Iran pledge to wipe Israel off the face of the planet or watch the Islamic State slaughter innocent people and then pledge to destroy the West before we take them seriously?

No, it’s not politically correct to say, but the fact is radical Islam wants to destroy Western Civilization, and countless Muslims living in Europe today support that cause and are working, either openly or subversively, to make that happen.

To blindly welcome in millions of people, including an untold multitude with radically different ideas about freedom and religion than we have in the West, without any sort of a screening process, is absolute madness. And yet, that’s precisely what Europe is planning to do.

“What’s the big deal?” you may be wondering. “Even a million radical Muslims couldn’t destroy Western Civilization on their own.”

Very true, but there is more to the story than several million Muslim immigrants. Europe’s native population is dramatically shrinking, and research by the Pew Research Center in America indicates the number of Muslims in the world will increase at more than double the rate of the world’s population over the next 40 years, which means there will be more Muslims than Christians in the world in about 60 years.

Further, leftist ideology and secularism has run rampant. There are more atheists in the West today than there have ever been, and in many European countries, the population of traditional Christians could go extinct much faster than most realize.

For instance, projections show Christians could make up less than half of Great Britain’s population in just one decade, something that hasn’t occurred in over 1,000 years. Nearly 25 percent of all British Christians are 65 or older, and the Christian population continues to decline. Meanwhile, about 50 percent of British Muslims are under 25 and there’s no sign that population growth is slowing.

I’m not a xenophobe. I believe responsible immigration is a wonderful thing and that all honest, freedom-loving people should be welcomed. However, we have no way of knowing how many of the millions of Muslims being offered a new European home support Western values and how many want to subjugate Christians and other groups, especially minority groups, to their religious views. We don’t even know if any of these people have close ties to terrorism. In most cases, they’re just being thrown on a train and away they go.

In 100 years, these policy decisions could prove to be especially damning for Western Civilization, as it appears as though Europe could become a Muslim-dominated region, and although many of those people would be happy to live peacefully with Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists, countless others would demand conformity as millions of Muslims do now in many Middle Eastern countries.

Tolerance only makes sense if those we’re tolerating believe in liberty as well. Unfortunately, today we have no way of knowing who those people are, and we’re not even taking the time to attempt to figure it out.

The ability to reverse course in Europe may very well end with these newly proposed immigration policies. I hope I’m wrong.

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