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What Barack Obama Has in Common With the Gambino Crime Family


The Obama gang is killing jobs, strangling business, intimidating opponents, making the energy industry extinct, and wiping out the middle class.

US President Barack Obama smiles as he calls campaign workers during an unannounced stop at a campaign office October 1, 2012 in Henderson, Nevada. (Credit: AFP/Getty Images) 

Can you guess who is the deadliest crime family in our country’s history? If you guessed the Gambinos, you’re wrong. It’s the Obama Crime Family. The Obama gang is killing jobs, strangling business, intimidating opponents, making the energy industry extinct, and wiping out the middle class.

Don Obama and his cronies are very much like the Gambino Crime Family- except the Gambinos were nicer. You see the mafia almost never goes after “civilians.” They only intimidate, extort, and kill other mobsters or “associates” active in the insular criminal world. If only Obama's economic policy was that discriminating!

The Obama Crime Family goes after every taxpayer in America. Obama desperately needs your money, and he’ll stop at nothing to confiscate it. Whether it's raising income taxes, payroll taxes, Obamacare taxes, online sales taxes, taking away exemptions and deductions, he'll find a new and creative way to claim your money as his.

How does Obama steal your money? My new book, "The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide" paints the full picture- but let me share a few highlights of Don Obama’s larceny in action...

First: through massive taxation and redistribution of wealth. Don Obama targets, hunts, demonizes, intimidates, and punishes his best customers (business owners and high income taxpayers). Even the Gambinos treated their best customers better than this!

But taxation is only the tip of the iceberg for the Obama Crime Family. They can rob widows and orphans blind without ever touching their bank accounts. The Obama Crime Family’s weapon of choice is the Federal Reserve. If Don Obama can’t get his hands on your money, he merely orders the Fed to print trillions in new dollars. That makes your life savings worthless. It threatens your retirement. It even threatens the financial future of your children and grandchildren.

All of those trillions of fake dollars printed by the Fed need to be repaid by future generations. That “Obama money” that props up the stock market…and pays for “free” Obama phones and “free” healthcare that isn’t actually “free.” It's debt- and it all must be repaid by YOUR kids.

Don Obama is a genius. He has enslaved your heirs to a life of misery, unimaginable debt, and excessive taxation- even though some aren’t even born yet. That qualifies Don Obama as the meanest, most dastardly, gangster that ever lived! No wonder babies cry upon taking their first breath. At the moment of birth, they owe over $300,000.

Just last month 660,000 Americans left the workforce. In one month! There are now 90 million able-bodied, working-age Americans no longer working. That’s almost one third of the country’s population. The workforce participation rate is the lowest since 1979. For men it’s the lowest since 1948. Obama has killed so many jobs, he should be on top of the FBI’s “Most Wanted List."

But the Obama economy also kills the spirit. Business owners are overwhelmed with so many taxes and regulations, they live in despair and depression. Obama is a ruthless enforcer, creating 6,118 new government regulations in just the first 90 days of 2013.

Even worse, he has addicted the whole country to welfare, food stamps, disability, unemployment, free meals at school, housing allowances, free healthcare. He’s turned almost the whole population into addicts, with their hands out waiting for their “Obama money.” Even the Gambinos could never destroy the moral fabric of the whole country. Take notes Mr. Gambino, this Don Obama is good!

But intimidation is Don Obama’s real calling card. IRS audits are up dramatically- specifically on small business owners. Why? As bank robber extraordinaire Dillinger said, “That’s where the money is.” Obama smells money and he must grab every last nickel. Even the Gambinos left a taste on the table. Not Obama. What's yours is his.

As a bonus, since business owners write most of the checks for Republican candidates and conservative causes, Don Obama is slowly bankrupting his political opposition.

Then there’s the intimidation against “ratings agencies.” Standard & Poors downgraded the debt of America under Obama- for the first time in history. So guess what happened to Standard & Poors? A government indictment. Next Egan-Jones downgraded America’s debt- twice. Can you guess what soon followed? A government indictment. Egan-Jones was recently sentenced with a big fine and banned from telling the truth about America’s finances for 18 months.

Were these indictments a coincidence? No more than if a business owner stopped paying kickbacks to the mafia and suddenly winds up firebombed. These were messages.

Then there's Obamacare. The IRS predicts the typical family will soon pay $20,000 per year for healthcare. Since no one in this Obamageddon economy has $20,000 to spare, Don Obama will turn us all into wards of the state, dependent on government to pay for our healthcare.

But Obama saves his real mafia tactics for the energy industry. He despises oil, coal, nuclear, and fracking. A true Marxist, Obama wants energy bills to go through the roof, so that we all need government handouts to survive. So he uses every trick in his book to destroy the energy producers- from EPA regulations to Executive orders. A federal court recently threw out an Obama biofuel tax on the energy industry. It was quite simply unconstitutional. How did Obama respond? He DOUBLED the tax. Don Obama takes it to a whole new level.

My new book gives you chapter and verse on the man ruining our country and killing our economy. The Obama Crime Family is in a league of their own.

My apologies for insulting the Gambinos by comparison.

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