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What If Clinton Was President in 1941?


Hillary Clinton believes mass deportation of 11 million illegal aliens is "absurd." This article proves mass deportation worked in 1941 and saved America.

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By Tom Wurtz

If Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was president of the United States in 1941, I believe America would have surrendered to Germany, Japan and Italy.

Why would I offer such a damaging allegation? Please hear me out.

In the 2016 presidential campaign, the issue of deporting 11 million illegal aliens is a hot issue. Leading Republican candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, believe in deportation of all illegals.

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Clinton, on the other hand believes:

“The idea of tracking down and deporting 11 million people is absurd, inhumane, and un-American.”

Why would deporting 11 million illegal aliens be absurd? Why would enforcing laws be contrary to our character? Why doesn’t equal justice under the law matter? Isn’t rewarding criminals contrary to America’s character?

As usual, history proves Clinton is wrong. Mass deportation works! It saved America.

After Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt had to make a critical decision. Should he surrender or fight a world war that America was ill-prepared to fight. He and Americans chose to fight. After four years, Adolf Hitler, Tojo Hideki and Benito Mussolini were defeated.

The key to America’s victory was the militaries ability to execute a mass deportation strategy. Mass deportation, sometimes called deployment, has been successfully accomplished during every foreign war.

During World War II, 16.1 million Americans served. Seventy-three percent (11.7 million) were deported worldwide. The U.S. military supplied transportation, food, clothing, equipment and even delivered mail to a soldier’s foxhole. Then, once victory was achieved, they returned 96 percent of these soldiers to their mother’s doorstep.

If Hillary Clinton was president in 1941, would she fight or surrender? Her defeatist words of today are a good indication of her decision-making process:

“The idea of tracking down and deporting 11 million people is absurd, inhumane, and un-American.”

I believe Clinton would have surrendered because the task was too difficult for someone who is not committed to defending America. Remember, Clinton refused to serve and protect 30 Americans in Benghazi. Why would voters believe she will serve and protect 300 million Americans? Besides, she would have just lied and claimed the Japanese attacked America because of an anti-Japanese recording.

According to Clinton’s views, wasn’t it “absurd, inhuman and un-America” to ship moms, dads, brothers and sisters to fight to the death on foreign soil in order to restore America’s way of life? Didn’t that strategy rip American families apart?

In 2016, leaders are faced with another critical decision. Should they deport 11 million illegal aliens or surrender by granting them amnesty? Trump and Cruz will fight the invaders while Clinton chooses surrender.

Who do you want leading America – Trump, Cruz or Clinton?

The current deportation mission could be completed in less than five years. The majority of illegals only need a one-way cab ride south. Of course it can be done. The only question is whether voters will elect a winner or a loser.

I remember a time when Americans believed they could do anything. In the 1960s, America put a man on the moon. Today, we can find criminals and provide directions. Hell, Democrats can’t even build a healthcare website.

Tom Wurtz is a conservative writer from Kentucky. Contact Tom at

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