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Pro-choice group releases tips on how to bring up abortion at holiday gatherings


They even offer 'conversation' cards to get things going.

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The National Network of Abortion Funds, a pro-choice organization, has released resources to help people advocate for their cause during holiday gatherings — end even offer a "conversation card deck" for getting the discussion going.

What are the details?

On Wednesday, NNAF tweeted, "Talking with your family about abortion isn't always easy. If you're visiting loved ones for the holidays this time of year, check out our guide for talking about abortion, including graphics, articles, and a toolkit!"

The message included a link to the group's website, with a tutorial titled, "Abortion Conversations for the Holiday Season."

"First, let's talk about what makes a heart-to-hear conversation," the guide begins, advising readers not to yell at people and suggesting "these conversations work best one-on-one, and with a little preparation."

NNAF also promotes a "conversation card deck" for the price of $19.99, with the promise of "thought- and heart-provoking questions to help guide your discussions." Oh—and "when you're ready to go deeper," you can also purchase an expansion pack for the deck.

As for conducting an abortion conversation with family members over Thanksgiving or Christmas, the group suggests a series of steps you can take to lead the talk. NNAF coaches readers to first "notice how you — and your family — are feeling when you enter into this conversation."

Next, "engage" by getting "to know conversation partner." Also, the site says, be sure to ask questions, "offer to follow up on the conversation and share resources," and thank them for their time.

"You're doing hard, heartfelt work, right where it counts," NNAF adds.

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