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Delaware Democrat Gov signs national popular vote bill


Like Colorado a few weeks ago, another blue state signs on to fight its own citizens electoral power.

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Delaware Gov. John Carney, a Democrat, signed into law this week a bill allocating his state's three electoral college votes to whichever candidate wins the so-called "national popular vote," should a sufficient number of allied states' votes be similarly committed.

This makes Delaware the 13th state to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a movement being pushed almost exclusively by Democrats as a way to dispense with the electoral college and select the President based on a raw vote total.

To take effect they require 270 electoral votes. The addition of Delaware brings the current total to 184. It was brought to 181 just two weeks ago when Colorado signed on.

The push has been resisted by Republican legislatures, particularly in states that will see their voice dramatically diminished if not eliminated in presidential politics by a national popular vote, which would make large population centers, mostly in blue coastal areas, almost the sole focus of issue campaigning for the highest offices in the land.

TheBlaze has a lot more on the subject here, including maps and a full explainer from PragerU.

The topic has become a widespread cause célèbre under the Trump presidency, with Democrats seeing it strategically as one more avenue of attack to remove him from office. Most of the 2020 Dem candidates have weighed in, willing to consider it or outright endorsing the idea.

Republicans from states attempting to pass or which have passed measures to join the compact have spoken out against it, including Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, who blasted it as an attempt to "subvert" the process.

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