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Whitlock: Angela Bassett’s Oscar reaction encapsulates America’s entitled culture

PATRICK T. FALLON / Contributor | Mike Coppola / Staff | Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer | Getty Images

Anyone bothered by Angela Bassett’s entitled and classless reaction to Jamie Lee Curtis winning best supporting actress at last night’s Academy Awards doesn’t understand trickle-down racial justice.

Trickle-down racial justice is the theory that argues the rewards given to spoiled black elites eventually benefit poor black people.

Denying Bassett an Oscar means a little black girl in Chicago or Buffalo or San Antonio is less likely to get an A in her math or English class. The celebration and honoring of Bassett and other black elites are critical to closing all racial achievement gaps.

That’s why Bassett sat stone-faced when a white actress won an award Bassett believed she’d earned with a modest performance in a bad Marvel movie. Bassett had a role in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” a fantasy movie promoting the black matriarchy.

Bassett saw the best supporting actress competition as her reparations, a hard-earned lifetime achievement. She imagined taking the stage and telling poor little black girls around the world she’d sacrificed for their benefit.

When Curtis’ name was announced, Bassett did not feign excitement. She wore her emotions for the world to see. When the audience rose in applause, Bassett remained seated. It was the highlight moment of a stale Oscars ceremony.

It was a showcase of the entitlement that critical race theory and the Black Lives Matter movement have encouraged for the past decade.

You might call it an improvement. At least Bassett didn’t take the stage and slap the presenters or steal the microphone from Jamie Lee Curtis. Bassett simply stewed in her seat.

She sat back and waited for a black man to throw a sympathy parade. She didn’t have to wait long. Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors soon appeared on stage and shouted out their love for their acting matriarch.

This is what we do now. We’re the sideshow for the awards shows. We don capes on command for disappointed and entitled black women.

This all started in 2009 when Kanye West snatched a microphone from Taylor Swift at the VMAs. West was irate that Swift won an award over Beyonce.

Last year at the Oscars, Will Smith stormed the stage and slapped Chris Rock because the comedian cracked a harmless joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head.

Here’s what’s really interesting. Beyonce and Jada did not request that West and Smith seek revenge. It’s unlikely that Bassett wanted Jordan and Majors to mention her.

It’s the entitlement and victimhood culture that is triggering the men to act foolishly and the women to wallow in self-pity.

Entitlement warps the mind. Entitlement foments unfairness, bigotry, and classless behavior. Black elites justify their privilege by convincing themselves that their elevation elevates all black people.

It’s a joke. It’s trickle-down racial justice. It’s the kind of thinking that allows Black Lives Matter organizers to buy multimillion-dollar homes in white neighborhoods as far away from America’s George Floyds as possible.

A woman’s nature is to take care of her child and herself. That’s it. She has virtually no interest in all of humanity. This is the danger of the matriarchal culture America is embracing and black Americans have swallowed whole. Men are wired to sacrifice their lives for the betterment of others. History is littered with men dying in pursuit of freedoms and rights they will never enjoy.

Angela Bassett can’t even feign joy for someone else. She’s entitled and looks bigoted. Had a black actress beaten her for the award, she surely would have joined in the celebration.

Black elites do not aspire to end racism and bigotry. They aspire to benefit from it. Angela Bassett behaved in a manner consistent with America’s entitlement culture.

Entitlement trickles down. Justice doesn’t.

Justice rises from a culture obedient to the truths spelled out in the Bible.

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