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Whitlock: ESPN race-baiters will not tell you that Brian Flores is actually hurting black coaches

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Let’s ask the obvious question as it relates to Brian Flores’ discrimination lawsuit against the NFL, the New York Giants, Denver Broncos, and Miami Dolphins:

Has Flores damaged the job prospects and work relationships of his black coaching peers?

No doubt, Flores is a hero to Nate Burleson, Mike Greenberg, Stephen A. Smith, Elle Duncan, Ryan Clark, Shannon Sharpe, and countless other blue-check sports media figures whose job is to goad and then celebrate emotional and non-strategic behavior from black men.

Flores is following in the footsteps of Colin Kaepernick, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake. He’s acting as an emotional trigger, a justification for chaos, animus, and protest. On Thursday, former NBA star Chris Bosh vowed to quit watching NFL games until the league hires more black coaches and general managers.

Will they?

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross ran the “blackest” organization in the NFL. At one time, his head coach, general manager, assistant general manager, defensive coordinator, and several members of his ownership group were all black.

Brian Flores’ accusations against Ross could get Ross removed from NFL ownership. Flores claims Ross offered him money to lose games in 2019 and that Ross tried to arrange an illegal meeting with a veteran quarterback under contract to another team.

Flores is a snitch. He snitched on the owner who followed the social justice/Black Lives Matter playbook.

Flores also seemingly betrayed the mentor, Bill Belichick, who put him in position to rise to head coach. Belichick’s accidental text messages seem to be the foundation for Flores’ claim that the Giants treated him in a discriminatory fashion. Flores worked for one organization — the Patriots — before landing the head job with the Dolphins. In 2004, he landed a job as a scouting assistant with New England. He spent 15 years working for Belichick.

Flores’ lawsuit could potentially force investigators to seek access to Belichick’s cell phone records.

Brian Flores’ sense of entitlement to an NFL head coaching job has taken precedence over any sense of gratitude and loyalty toward the people who helped him land the Dolphins job. Belichick and Ross were part of the solution for Flores until the moment Flores decided they were part of the problem.

Belichick and Ross are now enemies, and Flores’ allies are the two white liberal lawyers who crafted his Twitter-approved lawsuit.

As a white owner or head coach, would you be nervous about hiring the next Brian Flores?

Shahid Khan, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, committed to hiring Doug Pederson yesterday. Khan can fire Pederson tomorrow without fear of being smeared as racist. The same is true for Raiders owner Mark Davis and his new coach Josh McDaniels. So far this off-season, the NFL has hired five new coaches. All of them are white.

Let me repeat: Stephen Ross ran the blackest organization in the NFL. Brian Flores is attempting to get Ross removed from the league. Stephen A. Smith, Ryan Clark, and the rest of ESPN’s BLM gang are assisting Flores in his effort to kick Ross out of the league.

Brian Flores is hurting black coaches.

The race-bait idiots at ESPN won’t say this. Flores makes their job easier. This is all just a re-enactment of Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem kneeling. Kaepernick’s protest did not advance the cause of black people. It simply heightened animosity toward police, promoted the counterproductive “defund the police” movement, and increased the racial divide. All of it led to elevated violent crime rates in black neighborhoods.

Brian Flores is not advancing the cause of black coaches. He’s undermining it.
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