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Whitlock: Here’s why Darrell Brooks and the Waukesha massacre must be politicized

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Wisconsin U.S. Sens Tammy Baldwin (D) and Ron Johnson (R) released a joint statement Saturday asking outside groups to stop exploiting the Waukesha massacre for political purposes.

“It has come to our attention that outside individuals or groups may attempt to exploit the tragedy that occurred last Sunday in Waukesha for their own political purposes,” the letter started. “As the U.S. Senators representing Wisconsin, one from each political party, we are asking anyone considering such action to cease and desist.”

According to media reports, the statement was crafted because some conservative pundits blasted CNN, MSNBC, and other left-leaning media outlets for downplaying the story and/or rapidly moving on from it.

The bipartisan statement is as pointless as asking infamous bank robber John Dillinger to stop using a Colt .32 pistol. The style of gun didn’t make Dillinger an unrepentant criminal. His immorality did. America’s fight for political power has descended to a seemingly unprecedented level of immorality. Ambitious politicians quickly turn human tragedy into political capital.

The Baldwin-Johnson statement is not only pointless. It’s clueless. It epitomizes the kind of cowardly leadership pervasive in American politics. The statement is a virtue signal that pretends diplomacy is the antidote for wickedness, that peace is possible with people who have no regard for objective truth.

Why should Waukesha be exempt from the political examination lens applied to everything else? Would ignoring the political implications of the alleged crimes of Darrell E. Brooks jump-start the cleansing of American politics?

I think just the opposite. Failing to fully publicly explore and explain what drove Brooks to commit mass murder would only allow the evil to further metastasize. Declining to contrast corporate media’s handling of the Waukesha massacre with Charlottesville, Jan. 6, and the Rittenhouse trial provides unwarranted and unhealthy cover to the racists sowing American anarchy and division.

The alleged sins and radicalization of Darrell Brooks must be scrutinized thoroughly, aggressively, and publicly. This isn’t about settling a score between conservatives and liberals. It’s about assessing the cost of mainstreaming and normalizing critical race theory and gangsta rap culture across our primary communication and information platforms.

Darrell Brooks appears to be a direct reflection of what the American zeitgeist (spirit of the time) says a black man should be — angry, emotional, profane, violent, racist, and criminal.

A racist would argue that Brooks was born this way. A liberal would argue that poverty and anti-black racism molded Brooks into a monster. Having been born black and poor in America, I would argue that the zeitgeist has maintained a culture that rewards black men for exhibiting emotion, anger, violence, profanity, racism, and criminality. Corporate media, Hollywood, the music industry, and social media apps are the maintainers of this intentionally crippling culture.

It’s why left-leaning news platforms, Hollywood movies, commercial rap music, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook smear any black men who criticize the self-destructive tenets of “black culture” as coons, Uncle Toms, and sellouts.

Is there a particular political party in bed with CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Hollywood, the rap music industry, and Big Tech? Is there a particular political party that believes its ideology defines blackness?

The Waukesha massacre needs to be politicized. The racist political strategy of the Democratic Party helped radicalize Darrell Brooks. The Democrats told black people a government check could replace the black father. The Democrats tell black people the matriarchy is better than the patriarchy. The Democrats tell black people to see themselves as perpetual victims of an irredeemably racist country rather than as conquerors of America’s sins. The Democrats tell black people to abandon our religious beliefs in pursuit of political power. The Democrats convinced black people that obedience to Barack Obama could do more for us than obedience to God. The Democrats tell us to treat skin color and sexual preference as idols more important than our identity in Christ.

Darrell Brooks’ social media posts read like a Black Lives Matter diary. He hated the police. He called for violence against white people. He praised Hitler. He bragged about being a pimp. As a rapper, under the name Mathboi Fly, he promoted drug use and criminality.

You ain’t Democrat if you ain’t Darrell Brooks.

It makes sense for corporate media and the other gatekeepers of “black culture” to bury the Waukesha massacre. They want to avoid accountability for what they created. They can’t explain why a black man mowing down and killing six white people in Waukesha is less sinister and racist than a white man killing one white woman in Charlottesville. They can’t explain their outrage and animus toward Kyle Rittenhouse and indifference to Darrell Brooks. They can’t explain immediately casting everyone involved with January 6 as a white supremacists while searching for additional proof of Brooks’ bigotry.

I get the reluctance of the gatekeepers to politicize the Waukesha massacre. I understand Tammy Baldwin’s motivation, too. She’s a Democrat. Her party’s entire strategy is predicated on racial deception, hypocrisy, and division.

Ron Johnson is a fool and a coward. Like most politicians, he’s unwilling to stand on truth. Initially he had no problem attacking the duplicity of the left as it related to Waukesha. He folded. He foolishly thinks there’s value in making peace with people who believe men can get pregnant and men and women armed with flagpoles tried to overthrow the government.

There will be no peace until truth is restored.
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