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Being a jerk in Spain can land you in the clink

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Photo by Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Attention scuzzy pranksters with cameras: Do not pull your stunts in Spain if there's any chance you'll embarrass your victims.

Learn from the idiocy of YouTube prankster ReSet, who just got handed a 15-month prison sentence and $22,300 fine, the New York Times reported.

The court found ReSet (real name: Kanghua Ren) guilty of "violating the moral integrity" of a homeless man who was the victim of one of his pranks, the Times said.

Turns out that this classy YouTuber (all YouTubers are the just the best) filmed himself giving the homeless man an Oreo — but it wasn't just any Oreo. The Oreo filling was replaced with something else — something so horrible and nasty and cruel that 15 months seems like a mere slap on the wrist.

What did he put in the Oreo? Feces? Ejaculate? Malaria-carrying mosquito carcasses?

Nope. Worse.

ReSet filled the cookies with ... toothpaste.

Yes. Filling an Oreo with toothpaste and giving it to a homeless person while filming it and then posting the video to YouTube can get you actual jail time in an actual country in the world.

Of course, ReSet was shamed into deleting his video. He replaced it with a video of him giving the homeless man money. And cops say he later offered hundreds of dollars the daughter of the homeless man in an effort to get her not to file a lawsuit.

No word on what the court would have done if the YouTuber would have just given the homeless man one of the nasty mint Oreos instead.

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