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Check out the new super-handy and 'very comfortable' Swiss suicide pod

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"Suicide is painless" is no longer just a television sitcom theme song. Thanks to big brains in Switzerland, it's now a literal reality for people wanting to end it all.

Not only that — it's super convenient.

Newsweek reported that Switzerland's medical review board this week authorized a portable suicide capsule and that the new device could be available within a year.

The suicide pod, called the "Sarco," was created by Exit International and made with 3D-printing technology.

This new device — which is totally portable and can be towed to wherever users want it, allowing clients the convenience of killing themselves in scenic places — makes taking one's own life super easy and extremely comfortable. And it works with less potential complications than the old ways of offing oneself.

In 2020, some 1,300 people died by assisted suicide in Switzerland, Newsweek reported, citing Swiss Info. The old way of shuffling yourself off this mortal coil has been to ingest liquid sodium pentobarbital, the outlet said. Using this method, "[a] person falls asleep within two to five minutes of ingesting the drug."

But Sarco is special. You won't have to use controlled substances — in case you're worried about the legal implications and hurdles.

Instead of the drug, the pod's inventor, Philip Nitschke, told Swiss Info that the capsule, which can't be accessed by the client until he passes an online mental capacity test, is fired up "from the inside, where the user will be asked a number of questions before the machine can be activated."

Once the person is inside, Faithwire said, he "will be prompted to answer a series of questions before being presented with a button that will bring the oxygen level inside the tank down to a dangerously low level." After that, the vessel will fill with nitrogen and deplete the breathable air from 21% to 1%.

Nitschke claims that the pod's user feels "no panic, no choking feeling" but instead gets "a little disoriented" and "slightly euphoric," Faithwire added.

In fact, the experience is so great — what with the ability to take the pod "anywhere on earth" such as, according to Nitschke, "an idyllic outdoor setting or in the premises of an assisted-suicide organization" — that the victim will find it "very comfortable."

Not sold on it yet? Wait until you hear about the added convenience of being buried in the pod you died in.

That's right, the Sarco can be used as a coffin.

Nitschke and his crew hope to make the pods widely available in 2022.

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