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Sen Mike Lee: Democrats' impeachment case is 'absurd': Trump 'hasn't done anything impeachable'

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'He hasn't even done anything that's wrong'

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) joined Glenn Beck on the TV show Tuesday to discuss this week's phase of the House impeachment inquiry.

Lee argued that the Democrats' allegations against President Donald Trump are "absurd," and that Senate Republicans must call key witnesses, such as the whistleblower and former Democratic National Committee operative Alexandra Chalupa, to the stand.

"This is absurd," Lee said of the impeachment inquiry. "They [the House] shouldn't pass articles of impeachment because he hasn't done anything impeachable. He hasn't done anything that violates the law. He hasn't even done anything that's wrong. He's just had a conversation that involved a foreign leader, and there was nothing wrong with that. So no, they shouldn't pass articles of impeachment."

Glenn asked what Senate Republicans plan to do in the seemingly likely event that the House does pass articles of impeachment and why the Senate hasn't carried out their own investigation on corruption in Ukraine.

"I'm wondering why there hasn't been an investigation, or a Senate hearing," he said. "I would be shocked, and I would not understand if the Senate -- even if there wasn't a full blown trial -- if they didn't have open hearings and call the whistleblower, and Chalupa, and everybody else that you haven't been able to talk to and find out, 'Wait a minute, what's the truth here? You've just spent all of this money, and all of this time, and what are you really doing in Ukraine?' Is that at least going to be exposed and addressed?"

"If in fact we call witnesses in the Senate at all, it's inconceivable that the whistleblower wouldn't be among them. It's inconceivable that we wouldn't hear from a number of additional witnesses with information about Burisma, with information that may shed some light on why President Trump was concerned about corruption in Ukraine and within Burisma," explained Lee.

Lee added that even if the impeachment inquiry does not go to trial, he knows "multiple committee chairmen within the United States Senate" who intend to investigate what's really going on in Ukraine.

"I'm not going to speak for them because they told me this in private conversations very, very recently, but I can tell you that it's going to happen," he emphasized.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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