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Mark Levin: Don't let the Democrats fool you — they actually WANT a dictator


Destructive and hypocritical

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The issue of federalism is very important. So, isn't it interesting that now we have governors like California's Gavin Newsom and New York's Andrew Cuomo crying foul over President Donald Trump's "tyrannical" push to open up American businesses? Suddenly, they're very concerned with that "dusty old document" called the Constitution.

For example, as the governor of New York, Cuomo has the legal authority and responsibility to equip his state with hospitals and medical equipment, such as ventilators, before a pandemic. Yet, when the coronavirus hit and New York didn't have enough beds or ventilators, Cuomo claimed the federal government needed to provide them.

"[Cuomo] didn't say, 'This is federalism. We're in charge, federal government stay out of it.' Did he? No, he says, 'We need you to give us ventilators. We need you to give us beds.' And the president moves mountains to do exactly that," BlazeTV host Mark Levin said. "And, it turns out he didn't need as many ventilators as he said he did."

Levin went on to discuss how these governors demanded that the federal government bail their states out of the financial crisis caused by shutting down the economy, not to mention the pension plans and other significant debt that states like California, Illinois, and New York had long before the coronavirus pandemic.

"Why is it the responsibility of the federal government to bail out the states? This is federalism," Levin said. "If you're a state, and you have your sovereignty, and you want control over your hospitals, which they do ... why does it only cut one way?"

Watch the video below to hear more from "the Great One" — Mark Levin:

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