Levin: Pelosi 'is out of touch with reality'

Trump is not the one holding federal employees hostage

On this episode of LevinTV, Mark Levin discussed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her comments blaming President Donald Trump for the hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal employees.

According to Pelosi, Trump is responsible for the government shutdown. Levin clearly and concisely explained the reason Pelosi "is out of touch with reality" on the issue.

Because the goal of the president is to secure the border, and because Article I of the Constitution requires all legislation to originate in the House of Representatives, the reality is that House Speaker Pelosi is holding federal workers hostage.

Historically, furloughed federal workers will receive back pay once the government goes back to work, and for that reason, Levin stated that he has a hard time feeling sorry for displaced federal workers.

"In the private sector, when you get displaced, when you get a pink slip, you don't get paid back. You're out, and you've got to find another job. So, we really have two types of citizens in this country — citizens who work for the government ... and citizens who don't," Levin said.

Watch the video above for details.

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A SHOCKING number of Americans now embrace socialism, Gallup Poll shows

According to a new Gallup Poll released Monday, 43 percent of Americans today believe that socialism would be good for the country.

The telephone survey asked a random sample of Americans ages 18 and older whether "some form of socialism would be a good or bad thing for the country." While 51 percent of the adults surveyed said socialism would be a bad thing for the country, 43 percent said they believe it would be a good thing. Six percent said they had "no opinion."

On Tuesday's radio program, Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher (filling in for Glenn Beck this week) reacted to the Gallup Poll's "really frightening" findings.

Watch the video below:

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