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Disabled transgender wants police protection from criminals to avoid owning a firearm

Louder with Crowder

Also, same disabled transgender thinks we have a police brutality problem

Ah, the game of having it both ways. Danny, the disabled transgender, refuses to choose a gender. Zim also demonstrates an unwillingness to choose if cops should be the sole protectors of the innocent from bad guys or if cops are the bad guys. Danny is confident of one thing, though. An app that calls the untrustworthy police is the best solution for self-protection, NOT guns.

I have a theory that explains why folks like Danny struggle with easy decisions. You know, like the difference between male and female, the in your face obviousness of determining their gender, and the importance of gun ownership.

The problem and solution for the Danny's of the world to understand the gun issue is confidence. Recognizing the critical role confidence plays within each of us may seem simple to perceive, but Danny and the rest of the gun-fearing population prove otherwise.

Progressive thought leaders often tell the Danny's of the world they are brave for being a disabled transgender person and that cops corrupt and guns are bad. The truth is that brave people know who we are and what we believe. We don't wait to be told what to think. We damn sure know that calling 9-1-1 won't stop a bad guy with a gun who is pulling the trigger now.

Bravery requires a person to have confidence in their ability to handle life without the help of another. This inner strength develops over time through trial and error, and eventually, we learn to trust ourselves in most situations, within reason.It takes courage to learn the proper use of a firearm and requires the confidence to trust one's ability to survive danger at the hands of a criminal.

So when a Danny comes along, afraid of their own shadow and uncommitted to shopping in the men or women's clothing department, of course, they choose to avoid learning how to defend their own lives with a gun. They need to start learning to trust themselves, and the confidence will follow.

Watch the video below and watch the signs of Danny's low confidence as Crowder hits zim with facts about personal protection and firearms.

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