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Steven Crowder WATCHES Dallas riots turn bloody

Louder with Crowder

Louder with Crowder

Tap tap tap ... is this mic on? Hey, America! In case you haven't heard, a mob STONED a man in Dallas on Saturday. If you are not bothered by a public stoning on American soil, then please pay attention. Never in the modern world has a scenario existed that could justify a public stoning. You know, in the same way, a police officer should never be allowed to kneel on the neck of a handcuffed man and go unpunished.

Condemnation of unlawful violence is not a game only the "enlightened" commies of Antifa get to play. Antifa is not the keeper of righteousness and does not dictate what society accepts as civilized human behavior. And yet, if you call bulls**t on Antifa for their criminal acts of violence and fail to acknowledge the existence of police brutality, you are labeled an ignorant racist.

Fact, no man is above the law. Not law enforcement, George Floyd, your mama, or your daddy. And not even Antifa. So, why are Americans falling for the progressive scam that has turned our post-COVID-19 nation into a bloody riot?

Perhaps, Antifa is no better than the very oppressors they seek to destroy? Look, it goes without saying that police brutality is a real problem. It should be unnecessary to reiterate that what happened to George Floyd is an injustice. We all know! Guess what: The acts committed by rioters across the nation that are destroying major cities are dripping with injustice too!

Hot take: If you terrorize the community and attack innocent people, you are no better than the officer who killed a handcuffed man in Minneapolis. You are the enemy.

Over the weekend, Steven Crowder reacted to footage from a "peaceful protest" in Dallas, where rioters beat down a man for defending one of his favorite bars. Warning: the following content is graphic.

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