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DRAMA: A behind-the-scenes look at Steven Crowder's Dallas riots interview

Louder with Crowder

If a man doesn't want to be seen as a criminal, stop committing crimes. If a cop doesn't want to be accused of abusing his or her authority, then stop taking lives from unarmed citizens. And, if a woman hates being asked if she's on her period because she hasn't laughed in two days, she should try taking some Midol.

We have all been stereotyped. Race or sex doesn't matter. Stereotypes are a result of collective human behavior, observed among society. Sometimes, stereotypes fit, whether we like them or not.

Don't misunderstand, stereotypes are never grounds for mistreatment, to provide insight into how our actions are perceived, or who we are vs. whom we strive to be. Okay?

Take, for example, a common female stereotype: being some variation of bitchy during our moon cycle. From the teenage years, women are conditioned to blame fits of bitchiness on hormonal issues rather than owning that maybe, we're allowing the bitchy to take over.

But if a woman doesn't want to be called bitchy, perhaps she should stop acting like a bitch. Regardless of fluctuating hormones. Accountability actually can overcome fits of rage frequently excused with "I feel bloated today."

My point is, we have control. Stereotypes don't mold us. We mold us. And with that, watch, learn, become enlightened.

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