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Limbaugh Not Buying Nissan's New Polar Bear Ad


"I don't think the kids are even going to fall for it anymore. "

When I first saw the ad for the Nissan's new electric car I chuckled at its hokeyness; a polar bear travels from the Arctic to America to hug an owner of the new Nissan Leaf.  Apparently buying a new Nissan these days amounts to saving a polar bear, or something.

But conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh isn't buying into Nissan's new ad campaign.  On his radio program Monday, Rush said the Nissan ad "misses the mark."

The whole thing is just a fraud.  Now, they're entitled to do it.  They got market research that obviously says this is the way to sell the electric car.  Sell it with guilt, sell it to these Nimrods who think like this idiot who took hostages at the Discovery network building.  But man, I thought we were past this. ...

In the midst of all of this being exposed as a hoax, all of these photos showing stranded polar bears also to be Photoshopped and misrepresented.

Putting politics and the unsettled science behind global warming aside, Rush cautioned listeners about what to do if a polar bear showed up in their driveway:

My friends, don't ever try to hug a polar bear.  You will die.  A polar bear will rip your head off. If a polar bear shows up in your driveway, run for the hills -- or don't leave your house. Do not go out there and let it hug you.

It reallyis good advice.  Maybe Nissan should be honest with their customers and tell the truth about polar bears.

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