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Video Yanked: Australian Lawyer Smokes Pages From Koran and Bible


"I think I will lose my job over this."

Two things need to be pointed out right away. The video has already been pulled from YouTube. And the lawyer is expecting to lose his job. He's already taken an indefinite leave.

Alex Stewart is an atheist who works for Queensland University of Technology.  The technology used in this case involved rolling papers and the upload button.

In the clip, titled "Bible or Koran - which burns best?", the professed atheist says burning religious books is no big deal and people need to get over it.

"It's just a f---ing book," he says.

"Who cares? It's your beliefs that matter. Quite frankly, if you are going to get upset about a book, you're taking life way too seriously."

While the main video has been deleted from YouTube, there is a brief Sky News report using part of the video here.

A Melbourne radio station has posted a discussion of the situation that shows some video from the original 12-minute clip:

Stewart rated the Bible as the better burner. Now he's coming to terms with the potential loss of his employment:

Mr Stewart, an assistant organiser with a group called Brisbane Atheists, was not at his Brisbane home today but in a message on the group's website he said he expected to be sacked.

"I'm screwed. I think I will lose my job over this. Damn it," he wrote.

He did feel it was important to make it clear that he was smoking the pages with grass clippings and not marijuana:

"The video was a joke video, of course. I never actually do drugs. People do this stuff all the time and if people get really upset about this then they're taking it far too seriously."
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