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Reason mag's new '3-D' cover


Reason magazine has a new 3-D cover meant to blow your mind in more than one way:

Given the decade-long spending binge that started under George W. Bush and a Republican Congress and has accelerated under Obama and the Democrats, America's balance sheet hasn't been this scary since World War II.

The only way to tell this story is in 3D: Debts, Deficits, and Despair!

In honor of the cover, the magazine has released three 3-D movies. But before you dare to view the "creepy" videos, a warning:

Out of a sense of common decency - and a court order - former Alaska senator ... Mike Gravel warns viewers prone to seizures, high blood pressure, and politically induced rage to exit their browsers now. If you do choose to continue and feel your head about to explode at any time, he counsels, don't be afraid to scream with everything you've got. The life you save may be your own. And your country's.

If you don't have 3-D glasses, go find some:

The rest of the magazine's videos can be seen here.

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