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You Jackass': Rush Rachets up Anti-Obama Rhetoric


ABC News sets the stage:

Derision of the president on his program is nothing new, but Rush Limbaugh’s tone today may have struck the ears of regular listeners as particularly disdainful, taking his contempt of the president to a new level.

Limbaugh bashed Obama as an "economic illiterate" and "ignoramus," as he analyzed Obama's opposition to extending Bush tax cuts to the top income tiers.  Then he hammered even harder:

“Mr. Obama, our imam-child, they have already taken their trillion dollar ball home, and they’re sitting on it, you jackass.”

(Limbaugh’s been calling the president “Imam Obama” for several months now.)

"Extend the tax cut to everybody, and you'll inspire confidence," Limbaugh argued, saying that added degree of certainty would free business to spend some of the capital they’re holding onto and hire people, “which, once upon a time, we were told, was Obama’s top priority.”

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