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$1 Million Dare Drives Man to Streak in Front of Obama


"They have to be nude.”

Obama's rally speech in Philadelphia on Sunday has produced two important questions. What was the title of the book thrown at the President? And who was the guy who ran around naked in the crowd? We now have one answer. Meet Juan James Rodriquez.

I know what you're saying.  You can't really make a judgment about this story until you see a partial rear view.  What? You also want to see a woman in a Michael Jackson "This Is It" hat desperately trying to shield her eyes?

I think I may have done the same move with my hands while watching the Michael Jackson "This Is It" documentary.

Thanks to The Weekly Standard we now know more about the motives here:

If billionaire Alki David is an honest man, the man who streaked in front of Barack Obama at the president’s rally today in Philadelphia will be paid $1 million for his stunt. The man who performed today’s stunt, which captured the attention of the Drudge Report and an Associated Press photographer, is 24-year-old Juan James Rodriguez, THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned.

This is Alki David:

A few months ago, David made his offer. He would pay $1 million dollars to the first person to streak within “eye-shot and ear shot of the president, they have to scream the name ‘battlecam.com’ six times, and they have to be nude.”

Here's how it played in The Sun:

The Weekly Standard has some additional photos pertinent to the days event.  Click here.

So what's this Battlecam.com site?  For $1 million they better get a big bounce out of the publicity.

We are also learning more about some of the men involved in the execution of this stunt:

Two men involved in the stunt, Glen Zolar and Joey “Boots” Bassolino, assured THE WEEKLY STANDARD that Rodriguez met the requirements.

Zolar, who spoke with me on the phone earlier tonight, is a moderator on battlecam.com. Zolar was cruising the website when Rodriguez contacted him and asked whether he’d be able to facilitate this stunt. Seeking personal gain – primarily, monetary gain – Zolar agreed.

There is video.  I'm sure you'll see it soon. These guys have a history with Howard Stern. Here's Joey Boots licking the ear of Stern's driver (warning -- explicit language):

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/_S9LEyDPaEA?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

So could these guys be involved in the book tossing incident? I'm pretty sure they weren't involved in any book reading incident.

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