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Just Another Fox News Bigot': Did Olbermann Pull a Rick Sanchez on O'Reilly?


Keith Olbermann refused to be left out of the O'Reilly/"View" incident yesterday. Making sure to add his opinion regarding the "walk-off" tirade of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, Olbermann named Bill O'Reilly the "worst person" in America.

But Olbermann didn't just scold and mock O'Reilly, he pulled a Rick Sanchez and used the "B" and "I" words:

Lost in that, of course, is that Bill O., without benefit of a script, revealed himself to be just another Fox News bigot, and Islamophobe.

Mediaite's Glenn Davis is flabbergasted by the claim:

Is that enough to reasonably call him a “bigot and Islamophobe”? Of course not. As we said before, unless you’re a truther, the statement “Muslims killed us on 9/11″ is technically true at a basic, and yes, dangerously oversimplified level. ... O’Reilly’s sentence lacked nuance, but it wasn’t bigoted, nor did it prove Islamophobia

Olbermann also used the segment to take a pot shot at Glenn Beck, saying that O’Reilly is “just parroting Gretchen Carlson and Glenn Beck over there":

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