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The Barney Shuffle': Rep. Frank's Opponent Debuts Ambitious Viral Dance Video (With Head Explosion)


You have to hand it to Sean Bielat. He is swinging for the electoral fences. The New York Times devoted an entire piece to his video campaign to defeat Barney Frank:

Representative Barney Frank was dancing around the issues — first doing a version of the Running Man, then the Sprinkler, then a disco boogie.

Although in this case, Mr. Frank was actually a dance instructor named Kira who was dressed in a makeshift fat suit, with a suit and tie on over that, pretending to be the Massachusetts Democrat and powerful committee chairman as she sweated and shimmied her way across a green screen in a Boston-area production studio.

Here's how it turned out:

The video was produced by the guy who did the now legendary Dale Peterson video from the campaign for agriculture commissioner in Alabama.

"The Barney Shuffle" is certainly engaging, and you can quibble about whether Bielat's message gets lost in the, er, "Shuffle," but the energy behind an ad like this is why Barney Frank is growing increasingly concerned.

The New York Times piece even features a "making of" video:

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