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Surprise: Communists Make Cameo Appearances in Jobs Video


"Clever, eh?"

The Chicago Jobs With Justice says its goal is to "improve working people’s standards of living, fight for job security, and stand up for workers’ right to organize." Their "core belief" is that "in order to be successful, workers’ rights struggles have to be part of a larger campaign for economic and social justice." So it might come as no surprise that a recent promo video for the group includes some familiar "struggle" proponents: communists.

First, the group's leader. As Trevor Loudon over at NZ Patriot points out, Chicago Jobs With Justice is lead by Susan Hurley. Hurley is a veteran of the SEIU as well as George Soros's MoveOn.org. She will even be the keynote speaker at the Chicago Communist Party's 23rd Annual People's World / Mundo Popular banquet.

It makes sense, then, that communists pop up in her new promo video. Loudon explains who you will see:

Here's a promotional video for the U.W.C. featuring Hurley, a cameo of Communist Party labor secretary Scott Marshall at 27 seconds and a speech from 91 year old Communist Party veteran Beatrice Lumpkin at 3:34.

Loudon believes the video points to a larger plan and problem:

Communist Party "friend" Barack Obama creates unemployment with socialist economic policies.

The communists then organize those unemployed to pressure the Administration for "Green Jobs" and huge public works programs.

The communist then colonize those organizations and programs and use them to pressure Obama for still more socialism.

Meanwhile, you and your family pay, in gold and grief, the entire cost of your "liberation".

Clever eh?

Read all of Loudon's thoughts in his post, "Communists Exploit Unemployed for Socialist Agenda."

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