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John Kerry gets WikiLeaked


John Kerry was meeting with the Prime Minister of Qatar (HBJ) in one of the Wikileaked documents, and he gets a heads up on what Iran is saying about us behind closed doors...

¶25. (C) HBJ said Iran's president views the U.S. as a country

that is overstretched and in difficulty as a result of too

many commitments. Iraq, Afghanistan, and the U.S. economy

are the three main problems President Ahmadinejad sees. HBJ

observed that a Western attack against Iran for Ahmadinejad

would be good politics, because it would allow him to take

out his opposition using the war as a pretext. Senator Kerry

asked clarification of whether Ahmadinejad had said these

things, or if HBJ inferred them from conversation.

¶26. (C) Qatar's PM said Ahmadinejad had told him, "We beat

the Americans in Iraq; the final battle will be in Iran."

Oh yeah, and also Hamas totally wants to recognize Israel's right to exist. Read more here.

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