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Lieberman Suggests Investigating New York Times for Publishing WikiLeaks Data


"...intensive inquiry by the Justice Department"

Since Wikileaks released thousands of classified documents, pundits have speculated whether or not the organization's founder and spokesman, Julian Assange, could be charged with crimes as high as treason. In an interview on Fox News Tuesday afternoon, Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., weighed in on the debate.

“What do you think of the Justice Department’s action, so far, not to charge Julian Assange with treason?” Lieberman was asked.

This is a "serious legal question," Lieberman responded, one that "has to be answered" -- possibly with a criminal investigation of Wikileaks, Assange and the various media outlets who helped spread the classified information.

Then what about the news organizations, including the Times, that have accepted it and distributed it? … To me, New York Times has committed at least an act of bad citizenship. And whether they’ve committed a crime, I think that bears very intensive inquiry by the Justice Department.
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