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Medical Miracle': 2-Year-Old Survives 'Internal Decapitation


"This would be the worst injury that we could imagine."

A two-year-old Arizona boy is being hailed as a "medical miracle" after surviving what doctors are calling a rare "internal decapitation" resulting from a car accident.

Doctors say Micah Andrews's head essentially disconnected from his body when it  jolted violently during the car accident involving his mother and sister. He was in a car seat at the time, and that may have saved his life.

ABC 15 reports:

Micah and his 4-year old sister were riding in the car with their mom when the family was involved a car crash near 67th Avenue and Broadway Road on August 4.

Heather and her daughter were OK, but Micah wasn't moving.

The toddler was in a coma with brain damage and sustained a shocking injury -- internal decapitation.

"This would be the worst injury that we could imagine," Barrow Neurological Institute Dr. Nicholas Theodore told ABC News.

Barrow is part of Saint Joseph's Medical Center.

The impact of the crash completely tore the ligaments that connect Micah's skull to his spine.  The only support he had was muscle and skin, and his spinal cord was unprotected.

The smallest movement could be fatal for the boy.

Moments before undergoing emergency surgery, Theodore gave the family a comforting message.

"He turned to us and said, I'm going to operate on him as if I'm operating on my own child," said Micah's dad, John Andrews.

Doctors delicately used wire and a titanium rod to reattach Micah's skull to his spine.

Four days after the surgery Micah came out of a coma and opened his eyes.

Despite some brain damage, he recognized his family.

ABC network news also reported on the incredible story:

Friends of the family have put together an inspiring video of little Micah:

They have also created a website where those interested can help the family financially and track Micah's progress.

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