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Kansas Cop's Dash Cam Captures Wild Roll-Over Accident


"90-to-100 miles-per-hour"

From KAKE:

It was the evening of December 22. two Sedgwick County Sheriff's Deputies were riding together on Kellogg near Meridian in Wichita. The deputy's dash cam video from the left lane shows his fellow deputy in the right lane. They could see a car behind them in their rear view mirrors approaching way too fast.

The, suddenly, a white S-U-V traveling at an estimated 90-to-100 miles-per-hour passes the deputies and veers to the left, striking the center median. As sparks and debris begin to fly, you see the deputy run over the bumper of the truck. It then came back over to the right and rolled at least twice before coming to rest on its wheels.

KAKE News obtained a copy of the video after filing a Kansas Open Records request, but the Segdwick County Sheriff's Department declined to comment based on possible pending litigation against the driver in Wichita municipal court.

The unidentified driver of the S-U-V was rushed to a local hospital that night in serious condition. He has since been released and is expected to make a full recovery.

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