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Michael Reagan Responds to Brother's Alzheimer's Claims: He's an 'Embarrassment


Over the last few days, it was revealed that Ronald Reagan's son, Ron, suggests in his new book that his father may have had Alzheimer's disease while still president. That didn't sit well with this brother, Michael who took to Twitter to try and shame Ron by calling him an "embarrassment." On Monday, Michael appeared on CBS's "Early Morning" show to explain his disgust.

Michael's foremost goal was defending his late father. "Somebody with dementia does not accomplish all of those things," Michael said during the interview while referring to the president's final years in office. He added that Ron's statements are simply fodder for Reagan detractors such as Bill Maher. But defense gave way to offense as Michael also got personal, saying the family is not even sure if Ron voted for his father while he was running for president:

The personal attack was a carry over from Micheal's Twitter account. Between Friday and Monday, he tweeted a series of scathing messages in response to Ron's suggestion:

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