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Oprah Laments Having to Pay High Taxes: My Accountants Bring Me 'Tequila


"...it's a ceremony."

Even Oprah hates April 15.

The media queen admitted to Piers Morgan on Monday night that she laments having to pay such high taxes every year -- in the form of large checks to the IRS -- and the event has even become a depressing "ceremony" complete with alcoholic drinks.

The admission came after Oprah told Morgan during an interview that she signs every check for her business over $100,000. Morgan then asked, “Does it hurt you? Do you feel pain, physical pain?”

She responded: “The most pain I feel is ‑‑ and my accountants will tell you this. Every time I write a check to the IRS, it’s a ceremony. They come in ‑‑ for years they came in with wine. Now they come in with tequila”:

On Tuesday, Glenn Beck responded to Oprah's comments. On his radio show, he said it was ironic that Oprah laments high taxes but yet campaigned for Barack Obama -- the man who has talked about redistributing wealth and recently tried to raise taxes on those making over $250,000.

“If you really believed that social justice was achieved through the IRS, you wouldn’t come in with wine or tequila," Beck said. "You would come in with champagne. Congratulations. Do you know how much social justice you have just provided? Congratulations. You would view it as a celebration. It would not be painful”:

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