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MSNBC Hosts React to SOTU: 'Flat,' 'Soft Language,' & 'Boring


"it actually, in the end, says very, very little"

Immediately after Tuesday night's SOTU speech, some Fox News analysts described the speech as "flat and uninspired." Mediaite sarcastically called the description a "shocker." But what if I told you MSNBC hosts used similar language in their speech summaries? They did.

In his immediate reaction last night, host Joe Scarborough said that of the about 10 SOTU speeches he's been to, this one was like none other.

"The energy was down, the president seemed tepid and there's no doubt that about 10 or 15 minutes into it, he sensed that," he said. "I've never seen an audience as flat or a president as flat as this...it was just boring all around":

New 8 pm host Lawrence O'Donnell said the speech was cryptic and Republicans would be happy because “it actually, in the end, says very, very little”:

Very soft language all the way through. Gene [Robinson] said his language transcended our previous political vocabulary – to me it transcended it so far, that I don’t know what it meant through most of it. What does ‘out-innovate’ mean? There is no government program that’s being discussed there, so his intent is for us to not know what it means.

Still, as you'll see below, the regular Obama cheerleaders at MSNBC loved the speech:

As Mediaite put it, that might be the "real shocker." However, as we know, O'donnell believes himself to be much better than those "mere liberals."

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