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Will Next SOTU Have A Red Carpet?


“I would like to get my hands on the Secretary of State.”

Never mind the message from the State of the Union, it's about to (officially) become a fashion show.  At least that's the sense one might glean from HLN's Joy Behar.  (For the uninitiated HLN is the latest effort to rebrand CNN's flagging spin off formerly known as Headline News. If you did not know that, you are not alone, HLN rests comfortably in 4th place among 24hr news channels.)

In Wednesday night's post-SOTU Joy Behar program featuring a segment called "Fun With Gunn"  (video after the jump), and starring fashion guru Tim Gunn, Ms. Behar recapped the previous night in DC and took us through the vital issues facing the country like:

Who was the First Lady wearing?

It was a dress from American designer Rachel Roy, and Tim Gunn could not have been more pleased with Michelle Obama's look.

Is the President fashionable?

A gushing Gunn leaked the presidential secret we all hoped to hear;

"The President is a tall man with a slender physique. He really can wear anything. He's very fortunate."

Also from the mouth of Tim Gunn, this shocking statement;

"I would like to get my hands on the Secretary of State."

Of course the fashion maven was not threatening Mrs. Clinton, but simply stating that his vast and deep knowledge of "What Not To Wear" might be useful to a very busy public official like Secretary Clinton.

And no segment remotely connected to national politics would be complete without slamming Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or both.  Behar and Gunn score a rare double hit here by combining negative comments on both Palin and Bachmann.  There was some initial support for Ms. Backmann's good looks, and then the feeding frenzy started with Mr. Gunn asking;

"Aren't we all horrified by how Palinesque she appeared last evening?"

A classic two-fer.

Ms. Behar wrapped the segment by asking the one question still lingering in the minds of all 42.8 million viewers of the State of the Union;

What's with all the flag pins?

Does Joy Behar really have a problem with politicians wearing American flag pins?  Especially when they wear them on their lapels during the State of the Union address?  Really Joy?  Is the American flag image THAT offensive to your fashion sense?

I never thought these words would come out of my brain, but. . . . Someone please get Joan and Melissa Rivers on the phone, we need them on the Red Carpet for the State of the Union 2012.

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