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Maddow Falls for FAKE Story About Conservatives & Sarah Palin


"Sometimes you get had by brilliant satirists."

Google is a brilliant invention. And it's popular. In fact, it's even become a verb. You now "Google" something. But, apparently, not if you're Rachel Maddow, who slammed conservatives for a fake story calling for a Palin-led American invasion into Egypt on the website But isn't a real news site -- it's a satirical one littered with fake stories.

The story, "As Egypt Descends in Chaos, Should Sarah Palin Support a US-Led Invasion?", drew the ire of Maddow on last night's program, as she used it to mock conservatives such as Palin for their far-out ideas:

[youtube expand=1]

The video has since been scrubbed from MSNBC's website. And to her credit, Maddow recognized the flub via Twitter:

To be fair, Christwire has duped other news outlets in the past, as John Hudson over at The Atlantic Wire points out. But as he also points out, a quick "Googling" of the site's name would have shown that.

But the best comment probably comes from Business Insider: "This is pretty lamestream."

Not surprisingly, responded with a follow-up story. It seems necessary, considering the circumstances, to point out that it's satire.


It's worth pointing out that on Saturday Palin joked about how long it would take for her to be connected to Egypt. She bet a month. Looks like she was wrong.

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