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Beaten Fox News Reporter Describes the Bloody Attack


"They hit us with their open hands, their fists, sticks, bars, rocks, whatever was around..."

Beaten Fox journalist Greg Palkot.

Yesterday, we reported that Fox News reporter Greg Palkot and his crew (including cameraman Olaf Wiig) were attacked while covering the unrest in Egypt. Today, Palkot has written a dramatic, first-hand account of the incident. Here's an excerpt:

Still we waited for a turn in events. The anti-government protesters started targeted the building. When a Molotov cocktail smashed through the window of the room we were in, spreading gas over the floor, we decided that was it. We weren’t going to go up in flames. We were going to make a run for it. We rushed down the stairs and out on the street.

It was nothing short of a battle zone. Smoke filled the air, fighters scrambled back and forth across the no-man’s land between the two sides, hurling rocks, gas bombs, and other projectiles. Bursts of gun fire crackled through the night.

All the while, Egyptian soldiers stood on their tanks from inside the compound of Cairo’s museum across the street, watching it all, not interceding.

Heads low, with everything whizzing by, we scrambled in the direction of our hotel, straight into the thousands of the pro-government mob.

Ibrahim and the other colleague were able to blend into the crowd and left.

Within seconds Olaf and I were spotted as foreigners and attacked. They hit us with their open hands, their fists, sticks, bars, rocks, whatever was around, especially aiming at our heads. They grabbed us and punched us. Several dug through my pockets. All the while screaming madly in our faces. But still we pushed on. [...]

As [Egyptian Army soldiers] stood by, Olaf and I continued to be pummeled by the crowd. His shirt was off, he was writhing and was knocked to the ground twice. I somehow stayed upright but was losing strength fast and the hits were harder. Unable to make it over the high side of the vehicle, I thought Olaf and I were finished. A few more minutes in the crowd and it would have been all over.

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