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Stressed About the Super Bowl? Study Says That Could Kill You


"This can increase heart rate, increase blood pressure..."


Two teams with die-hard fans meet this Super Bowl Sunday. But experts warn that an emotional stake in the game could have heart-stopping consequences.

That's what happened in Los Angeles County after the then-L.A. Rams lost the 1980 Super Bowl.

"There was a 15 percent increase in cardiac death among men, there was also a 27 percent increase in cardiac death among women," said Dr. Robert A. Kloner, Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles.

Fans can have an intense connection to their favorite team, leading to surges in adrenaline during big plays -- and big disappointments.

"This can increase heart rate, increase blood pressure, increase the vigor with which the heart contracts," said Dr. Kloner.

Losing can be a real heart breaker.

"Any type of stressful event can precipitate an increase in cardiovascular events," said Dr. Joon Lee, Cardiologist, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - who is also a Steelers fan.

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