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New Surveillance Vid Shows Fiery Parking Lot Plane Crash


It happened in August, but new surveillance video shows exactly what happened when a small plane crashed into the parking lot of Phoenix-area business. After hitting the concrete, the plane explodes into a ball of fire and eventually skids into the side of the office building. The pilot didn't survive the awful incident:

Video from Fox News Channel offers another look:

KSAZ reports:

The National Transportation Safety Board has not released a reason why the pilot crashed shortly after takeoff, but witnesses reported that the plane didn't travel very high or very fast before turning around.

It happened in the blink of an eye. The plane crashed nose first into a parking lot. The front of the plane snapped off and pieces scattered. Then the wreckage exploded into a massive fireball. Flames and smoke filled the security camera's screen.

Inside the building, the walls shook from the force of the explosion. People nearby at the time described the tremor from the crash like an earthquake.

The 67-year-old pilot, James R. Freeman III, had a pilot's license, communicated with the tower, but didn't stand a chance at survival when his small plane crashed last summer.

In the NTSB's report, it states that the pilot may have been attempting to close the door that wasn't quite shut. We've heard that before as well with these small plane crashes.

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