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News Anchor Loses it On-Air Over 'Crusty Buttocks' Story


"Oh, that's funny!"

Sam Rubin of KTLA in Los Angeles couldn't contain himself Tuesday morning while doing a story on bathroom humor. Literally.

Rubin was doing a piece about the station using an impromptu survey in the bathroom and asking employees what they thought of the newly-installed hand dryers. Apparently the men at the station still have a little middle-school streak inside them -- as Rubin's co-anchor points out -- because the men's bathroom "survey" was quickly defaced. Under the "name" section, aliases such as "Kim Jong Il" appeared, which was enough to get Rubin chuckling. But what really set him off was when someone named "Crusty Buttocks" registered a vote.

You can watch Rubin's hilarious reaction below:

(H/T: TV Spy)

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