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Union Protesters Shout Down CNN Anchor's Tough Questions


"I'm out here for my students."

"We are not out here about the pay and benefits. We are out here for our voice.  He is trying to bust our unions," one Wisconsin middle school band director told CNN as she protested Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal at the state capitol building. "He will not come to the table," she added.  "We will come to the table, we will talk about things," she said, insisting that protesting public workers were willing to negotiate specific items in the legislation.

"You talk about being man enough about coming to the table. I want you to react to the Democratic state senators who have not been at the table -- no-shows in voting for this budget... Do you think they should come to the table as well?" the CNN anchor pointedly asks, referring to the state lawmakers who fled the state Thursday to avoid a vote.

Cue the crowd of union protesters in the background who begin shouting, "United we stand!", drowning out the interviewer and shutting down the interview.

h/t Greg Hengler

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