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TODAY Show's Ann Curry Blames Wall Street and Banks for NJ's Huge Union Costs


NJ Governor Chris Christie stopped by the Today Show and spent a few minutes with Ann Curry explaining of the problems in New Jersey's economy and how he believes that a common sense approach, with "shared sacrifice"  will ultimately benefit all of his citizens, improve the economic outlook and create a prosperous future for the Garden State.

Before the Gov. can open his mouth, Ms. Curry, referencing a NY Times op-ed piece, asks if there is a coordinated, Republican political agenda in this attack on unions.  Mr. Christie immediately blunts that notion with the facts about California's newly elected Democrat Jerry Brown who is talking about cutting state workers wages 8-10% in addition to laying off state workers.

Governor Christie schooled the Today Show newser using the example he often cites; explaining that union employees of the Garden State receive insurance benefits that cost $24,000 per year, but each worker pays only $1920 per year for complete family coverage.  That is less than $37 dollars per week.  The state pays the other 92% or $22,080 for the health benefits of each worker.  The reality of this is that the people of NJ are paying for it with elevated income and real estate taxes.  You might think that graphic example of the inequities plaguing the system would bring about some sort of enlightenment.  No.  Instead of an oh-my-gosh moment realizing that the unions had forced the state to buy something worth $24,000 and sell it to each employee for less than a 10th of the price,Ann Curry tried to pass blame for NJ's budget problems on the easily demonized "Wall Street and the Banks."  It is worth a look:

Despite Ms. Currie's relentless efforts to get the Governor to slam the unions and blame them for all of his state's problems, Chris Christie did not take the bait.  In fact he was quite honest about the propensity of most politicians to "yes" everything in order to get re-elected.

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